Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting settled and company

We have been pretty busy unpacking boxes and playing with my parents while they are visiting from Kansas. I am mostly done unpacking except the classroom and office stuff because I am waiting on my carpet squares to come on Monday. I ordered some rainbow pattern carpet squares from Carpet is so was going to be at least $600 to get carpet in that one room so we decided to look into getting carpet tiles which we can install ourselves and also pull up incase there are any craft spills during school time. The homeschool classroom in our basement shoule be pretty bright and cheery once we get done with all of our home improvement projects. Shawn bought us a brighter light to install in that room so we can see what we are doing.

K-baby in her new garage sale find from Nana Kristi

The K-kids in their new Jumparoo. K-girl actually got this for her b-day in March but I didn't let her unbox it because we were moving and it is huge!

The big K-kids camping with Nana Kristi in her camper.

The view from the top bunk of the camper.

One of the many new parks we explored in Fergus Falls. This one is really neat and located right across the street from the library so I am sure we will frequent this one a lot.

K-baby gets to spend her first night ever in a "real" crib at 5 months old. We had her in our pack-n-play because K-sis was still using the crib and then we were selling our house so we had to take the crib down so the house didn't look so crowded. Then, we were in temp. housing for 3 weeks, poor baby, hopefully she won't be too tramatized later in life.

Shawn, working on one of his many home improvement projects (this one is K-baby's ceiling fan)...what I would do without him, I don't seems to me that he knows how to fix everything!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Settling In OR Tornado Strikes

These are pictures of the house as we are getting settled in. I should have taken pictures a day or two ago, but this is when I finally found time.

garage...notice the pile of flat boxes as tall as the bikes.
(it is even taller now)

family room

Kitchen...we have lots of misc. small stuff on the counter that we aren't sure where to put yet.

K-girl and K-sis's room...looks big when you only have 2 kids in a room and you don't have to put ALL of their toys in there too.

Living more boxes here.
We are struggling with the layout in the room???

Fun with Nana and Papa Cook

We are finally getting settled in at our NEW house. Between organizing, fixing and unboxing all of our stuff we are trying to have fun. Nana and Papa Cook arrived on Friday night, the day after we moved in and are keeping the kids busy.

Potting new plants

Painting at the children's museum in Fargo, ND

Riding the train at the children's museum

Planting our new garden. We didn't even have to till the soil for this one, it was already there.
The bushes on the left side that you can barely see are raspberry bushes.

Nana and Papa delivered our "new" piano with the instructions that this was the LAST time they would move it! This is the kids favorite toy so far. To bad pianos don't come with headphones.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We made it to Fergus Falls

After a looooong day yesterday, we finally have a new place to call home. We were all packed and ready to drive to Fergus Falls yesterday morning at 8 a.m. and our car's battery needed to be replaced which caused a huge delay in our leaving. Luckily this happened before we were on the road with all of the kids. We finally got on the road, late in the morning and arrived in Fergus Falls at 10:30 p.m.

Our house closing went smoothly this morning and we have already had the electrician in to fix our lighting in the living room and kids rooms. For some odd reason they didn't have ceiling lights in these rooms. Our semi with all of our stuff is supposed to arrive early tomorrow morning and my parents are arriving tomorrow also which will help us with the kids.

Here are some pictures of the front of the house.

Carrie with the kids

Shawn and the kids by the SOLD sign

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Downtown Park

The kids were pretty excited about the park next to the Zoo. We didn't have a whole lot of time to play at it on Saturday so we went back today. The kids enjoyed the wildlife, water and the playset. We are trying to see how many places we can see before we leave on Wednesday morning. After the park one of Shawn's co-workers treated us out to a wonderful BBQ restaurant called Fat Jacks.

This duck had 20 ducklings

Big Oak Tree

Time for Stamping

Since most of our stuff is in storage I don't have a whole lot to do besides play with the kids (and I have a maid coming once a week, so I don't have to clean). This week Heather loaned me a bunch of her stamping supplies and I have been creating a ton of cards to put together and some to send to my sister-in-law Theresa who likes to stamp too. Luckily, there is a Hobby Lobby just a couple of miles away and a Joanns store on the other side of Madison so I bought some paper and ribbon. Here are some of the cards that I cased (copied) from My pictures don't give the cards justice.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ZOO mania

My friend Heather and I wanted to get our kids together one more time before we move to MN. We decided to visit the Madison Zoo and stop by Ella's Deli for dessert. One of the great things about the Madison Zoo is that it is FREE and has a great park right next door. Heather brought her 2 boys and 2 friends and Shawn and I brought our 4 kiddos. So...we had 3 brave adults and 8 kids at the zoo. Luckily it wasn't very busy and the kids were great. K-man's best friend Jack was able to come and they love playing together. I know that K-man is really going to miss him.

Here is our Zoo Crew

Heather and me (boy will I miss her!)

The carousel at Ella's Deli

The Botanical Garden

While Shawn was working this week I took the kids to the Botanical Gardens in Madison. The kids had a great time walking all of the paths, looking at the beautiful flowers and exploring the water structures. Here are our pictures from our trip. I even made one of the pictures because I gave K-man the camera.

looking at turtle

K-baby snoozing

K-girl's favorite part was the kitty at the park after the garden.