Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our living room is almost finished.

We have been in Fergus Falls for a month now and we finally spent some time today to hang pictures on the walls, well some of them anyways. We got the living room almost done, except for one little corner. I get to go shopping sometime for some wood shelves to set small pictures on for the last corner. We had a few built in book shelves at our old house and I am missing them now that we don't have anything to set our pictures and my nick-nacs on. No one would accuse me of being an interior decorator, but after many hours of making Shawn rearrange furniture and hold pictures up on the wall so I could see what it would look like the following pictures show our results. Poor Shawn, he decided he would rather do almost anything else besides help me hang pictures. He thought that I took to long!

The blank spot on the wall by the blue glider rocker is where I am going to hang some shelves.

K-sis being cute at dinner tonight!

Summer Lessons are over

We finally finished with swim lessons and gymnastics this week. K-girl really LOVED gymnastics and I am thinking that we will sign her up again in the fall when we aren't quite so busy. This was her first gymnastics class and she enjoyed getting to try out all of the different equipment. This video is of K-girl doing a summer sault on the beam.

K-man did American Red Cross swim lesson this week at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Fergus Falls. He has taken a few swim lessons in the past, but they were at the YMCA. This week was a big change for him because the Red Cross lessons don't allow float devices and the YMCA lessons that we are used to have the kids using swim belts. He also couldn't touch the bottom very well except along the edges of the pool. I thought he did pretty good for not swimming since last year. He wasn't afraid to try anything the teacher asked him to do, he just didn't stay floating for very long. We are planning on getting in a lot of swim practice this summer at the Christensen Family Reunion and in our 2 week vacation to Kansas. The only thing we have discovered that Fergus Falls is lacking so far is an outdoor swim pool. We are planning on joining the YMCA this winter when we need some where to go for the 10 months that it is winter up here :), but until then we haven't found a good alternative. This is the only video I took were K-man doesn't look like he is drowning.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We survived our circus like day!

So today was totally crazy!!! We had so much fun but, I do hope the rest of our days this summer aren't as busy.

  • 8:20 K-baby well baby check - 3 shots and 19 lbs (98%)
  • 9:30-10:15 K-man swim lessons - learning to bob and front crawl
  • 10:40 K-girl dentist appt. - we have to go to the oral surgeon next week :(
  • 10:30 K-man t-ball
  • lunch
  • short nap for K-sis
  • 3:00 Ventriliquist at the library
  • supper
  • clean bathrooms, do laundry and empty trash cans
  • 7:00 Circus at the fairgrounds - locked my keys in the van again
  • 9:00 bath and bed!

Their favorite act at the circus were these crazy guys who did this outdoor act with no safety nets or safety gear...this was located on the parking lot right next to the building. CRAZY!

looking up at the outdoor circus act

K-girl feeding K-sis a snow cone

one of the acts...our pictures didn't turn out very well

The Papon crowd at the circus

The kids were TIRED at bed time tonight.

This is the video of the kids favorite act! They had the circus inside the ice hockey rink and this act was too tall to fit in so they did it very last outside.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big girl loves to sit and our new school table and chairs

K-baby has been growing everyday and I can hardly believe how the time goes by so quickly! She just turned 6 months old a few days ago. Currently her favorite thing to do besides watch her sisters and brother run by is to sit up and play with her toys.

K-baby sitting up!
I have spent many hours on the internet looking for the perfect furniture to go into our new homeschool classroom. I finally found the perfect table at Sams Club which folds, is light and also has adjustable legs to grow with the kids. Then I found some cute white chairs at Target for the kids to sit at. The kids were so excited to see their new furniture! Now I just have to get all of my lesson plans together and start teaching.
Mommy and K-girl assembling our new school chairs
K-girl and K-man sitting in their new chairs at their new table!

No rest for the weary!

We have been busy exploring our new surroundings. This weekend we traveled to Fargo to go shopping. I didn't think I would ever say that. Who would have guessed that Fargo, ND would be our closest shopping center! NOT me!

Fountain at the Fargo Mall

Officially Minnesotans now! We got our new plates.

This is chicken pot pie (minus the biscuits). My first freezer meal at the new house.

The kids set up their Thomas track and had room to use all of it in our new basement.

K-man and K-sis visiting the nature center while K-girl was at gymnastics

K-girl in her leotard, ready for tumbling! She loves gymnastics class.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain and tornado sirens

It poured last night and again this morning so t-ball was cancelled. We decided to go to the library story-time this morning and the kids really enjoyed that instead. After lunch the rain finally quit and the kids ventured outside to see what messy trouble they could get in. They found a box of sidewalk chalk that they left outside and they created some cool drawings on the sidewalk until they discovered that they could smear their hands and feet in the chalk.

K-sis - chalky hands



They also LOVE to play in the sandbox after it rains because their buckets are all filled with rain water and the sand is wet, which makes it great for building. This sandbox time required outfit changes!

Right after Shawn got home from his 3 day conference our tornado sirens went off. The greatest thing (besides that the bad weather went around us) was that we simply walked down to our own basement!! At our old house we had to load all of the kids in the van and drive down to Heather's house (who we love and enjoyed visiting with), but it sure was a lot easier to have our own safe spot to go to.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Need Shelving???

My husband is a wonderful man, he has been spending all of his spare time fixing things on the house...this weekend he finished the carpet in the classroom and my wonderful homeschool classroom shelving. I love school supplies!!

Looking at the picture you may wonder where all this stuff was in our little house in Waupun. All of the stuff on the right side of the closet is crafting supplies and I had then in my laundry room in front of our dryer. The middle and left sides of the closet was all stuffed into our small hallway closet that was supposed to be a linen closet, but never held a single towel or blanket while we lived there. I think my kids might have enough supplies to learn for a few years and I haven't even put anything up on the walls or unpacked the 3 boxes of p.e. equiptment that my mother gave us. K-man and K-girl are READY for school to start, hopefully I can hold them off until next week while I put some more finishing touches on the room and try to find a small table for them to sit at. We are excited to have a globe for school this year, Yvette was kind enough to give us hers...I can't imagine that she was going to use it anymore. My parents also brought up the green chair that used to be my grandmothers. It looks well used, but they are really comfortable and make a great spot to read.

The start of my crafting corner, located in the corner of the family room in the basement.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Free Stuff and Home Improvement

We moved into this house thinking that we wouldn't have too many home improvement projects to do, but we have been busily improving things. Shawn said he has a list somewhere with 60 things to do on it. I hope he doesn't show it to me!

Papa Bruce and the kids working on K-man's fire escape ladder

Papa Bruce finishing up the shelving I started in K-man's closet.

Nana Yvette and K-man mudding the walls in the classroom closet.
Bruce and Yvette arrived this week bringing another free box of stuff that Theresa got for us! I had to fight everyone off before they toted all of the stuff to other rooms. K-sis did make off with the Hello Kitty bandaids before I could stop her though. If I lived in Kansas, I would definitely make her my personal shopper!

Nana Yvette and K-kids looking in our loot box from Theresa

Friday, June 5, 2009

Waiting for the in-laws to arrive

The kids have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Shawn's parents. They have been busy making a sign to hang on the garage door. They got out stickers, dot a dot art, foam shapes, markers, pipe cleaners, paint, glitter and glue. They also covered the driveway with chalk drawings!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bath time again...

The only thing I don't really like about summer is having to bathe the kids EVERY night. Between the bug spray, sun screen, food, sweat, sand and dirt they are filthy by days end. At least they enjoy bath time, but we are starting to hear, "I want my own bath time." Which I supposed was going to happen sooner or later but it is easier to do then all at once.

Frist T-ball game of the season

We are in our 3rd day of summer activities and I am wondering who signed me up for all this craziness. So far, only K-man and K-girl are in activities. I can only imagine how busy we will be once all 4 kids are doing activities. We have t-ball on Mon. and Wed. morning and then gymnastics on Tues. and Thurs. My question is what do you do with 3 kids for 30 minutes to an hour when the other one is in an activity???

K-baby enjoying the game from her stroller

K-man playing his favorite position - catcher


K-girl had a blast at gymnastics class on Tuesday! She walked the beam and got to try out the uneven bars. Gymnastics meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning. She has been constantly asking when she gets to go back... Of course, with all of the moving and unpacking I forgot that she was supposed to wear a leotard but I did find a couple in her dress-up clothes for next time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Playing outside, making granola and grocery deals

This was our last evening with my parents visiting so they enjoyed some time outside in the sandbox in our new backyard. I don't think I have posted any backyard pictures yet on the blog, but we really LOVE our big backyard, the beautiful trees and garden.
Kids making healthy granola with Nana and Papa
Okay, so I am not as good at grocery deals as my wonderful sister-in-law Theresa, but I did use some store coupons tonight while shopping. My final total was $24.50, the fudge grahams and walnuts weren't on sale, but I needed them, really! So without those 2 items my total was $18.62 - which I thought was good for all of the stuff that I got.

T-ball first day

We had great expectations of watching K-man practice t-ball today but it ended up just being an informational meeting. At least K-man got his hat and t-shirt. He is pretty excited about playing ball again this summer and in Fergus Falls they do it differently than we did in Waupun. Last summer we did coach pitch baseball and no outs. This summer in Fergus we are doing t-ball and outs...hopefully we can learn the new rules without any problem. His first official game is Wednesday morning, that is the other difference, last year our games were in the evening so Shawn got to be K-man's coach, but this year he is playing during the day so they have high school kids coaching. Luckily, Shawn's office is only 3 miles away so I think he may be able to get away to watch some of the games.

backyard t-ball practice

K-man's new team uniform. The picture isn't very good because I took it with my cell phone so I could send it to Shawn. He left this morning for a 3 day conference in S. Minnesota.

Nana and Papa Cook and the K kids in front of Fergus Falls Otter, the local high school mascot.