Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christensen Family Reunion

Another 3 years have flown by and it is Christensen Family Reunion time again. My mother's family always gets together to visit every 3 years. My grandmother had 7 brothers and sisters whose families all come together. All of the original generation has passed on, but the cousins and their kids and grandkids all keep the tradition. This year our reunion was held at a beautiful mountian resort in Galena IL. We lived about 4 hours from Galena for 6 years but moved to MN 2 months before the reunion so we had a 9 hour drive instead. That is still nothing compared to the drive it will take to get to the next reunion in Oregon in 3 years time! We had a wonderful time visiting with all of the family that we don't get to see very often.

We also introduced K-man into the world of playing spoons with the Christensen clan this year! I can remember playing spoons at the reunions when I was a small child so it was fun to see K-man learn the game. If you haven't played spoons before you should ask me about it, we Christensens take our spoons games pretty seriously. Spoons is a card game kind of like musical chairs, but everyone grabs for a spoon and the person who doesn't get one is out. The object is to get 4 of the same cards and grab a spoon or if you see someone grab a spoon, get one before they are all gone! We have had some injuries while playing before and it is not uncommon to see a spoon fly across the table and a person after it!

The Christensen clan at this years reunion. We were missing the Montana, Texas and New York families that usually come, but were glad to see all of the Seivers that were able to make it!
My cousin Anne and her daughter on the alpine sled

Shawn and K-man on the ski lift after riding the alpine sled. Talk about a scary experience! The alpine slide was really fun, but loading you kid on a ski lift and riding on that little wooden seat with your wiggly kid is scary (I held on to K-girl's pants the whole way up!).

K-girl found some flowers on one of our walks

The family on our Mississippi River Boat ride

The family on a hike. My brother and his son A.J. are on the left. A.J. is 2 month older than K-baby. In the center is my cousin's daughter Sam. The kids LOVED playing with Sam all week.

K-kids and A.J. posing for a cousins picture after playing mini golf at the resort.

Riding the alpine side. Mom and K-girl on the left. Dad K-man on the right. K-man was a speed demon, he pushed the lever down and wanted to go full speed the whole way down the mountian. Even K-sis went down the slide with Uncle Ken and enjoyed the ride.

Shawn, the kids and my parents on the lookout at the resort. It was a beautiful view of the Mississippi River. We also had this view out of our third floor resort suite. It was great waking up each morning to view God's wonderful creation out our window and one morning we woke up to fog covering the river.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toe Sucking, T-Shirts and Totally Cool Cookie!

Every time I take K-baby's diaper off she automatically sticks her foot to her mouth. Ohhh, to be so flexible! She is so happy, I have been thinking about just laying her on a waterproof pad and letting her play! :)

As you may or may not know, all four of my children's names start with K. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law's two (soon to be 3 in Feb.) children also start with K, so we have 6 K names so far. I made these letters on Heather's cricket cutter and sewed them on t-shirts I found at Walmart. I can't wait to see all the K-kids to wear them in a couple of weeks when we visit Kansas.

I cut the sides of the t-shirts to be able to sew around the letters and then got my serger out for the first time ever to sew the sides back together. I don't know if the stitching will hold...I didn't take the time to read the instructions for for the serger, but they turned out okay.

K-girl received a easy bake oven for Christmas from Nana and Papa Cook and this is one of her creations. My kids LOVE to help me cook in the kitchen and she is always begging to get out "her" oven to help! She even shared her cookies with everyone in the house.

Raspberries and Stamping

When we moved into our new house we were excited to learn we had a huge raspberry bush growing in our garden! We have gotten a few little containers full of raspberries which usually disappear before the next morning. YUMMY!

These are the cards that Heather and I made while she was up visiting. Shawn watched to kids for us a lot of the time so we could play! We made 8 of each card and then Heather got to take 4 home and I kept 4. It had been quite a while since either of us had gotten a chance to stamp. Boy do I miss being in Heather and getting together in the evenings to stamp or walk.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visitors from Wisconsin

We enjoyed a wonderful visit from Heather, David and Adam this weekend. They left mid-day from Wisconsin and arrived at our home Thursday night right before bedtime. Luckily for the Papon kids they got to stay up late and play! Heather was able to squeeze out 3 whole days to play and 2 days to travel out of her busy summer schedule. It was amazing how much fun we crammed in to 3 days!

Friday - we played at the swim beach and went to a park.
Saturday - We travelled 30 minutes to the Phelps Mill Festival and Heather and I enjoyed looking at craft booths while Shawn watched the oldest 5 kids.
Sunday - We went to another park and played a Papon vs. Vanderkins baseball game and then ate out at the Dairyland. Then Shawn took the oldest 4 fishing again.

The kids played great together the whole time without fighting and Heather and I got time to make 8 different stamping cards. Thanks to my wonderful husband who watched the kids for us while Heather and I played!!!

The whole crew posing in front of the picturesque Phelps Mill

K-girl with her fish

David with his catch

Shawn with his fishing crew. We had to take a picture of Adam with his "bait" sized fish. They caught a fish with every cast, talk about a kids dream!

K-baby worn out from looking at so many crafters' booths

Heather and the boys making God's eyes at the kids tent.

Shawn and K-baby

The Papon kids making pet rocks at the kids tent.

Papon girls in their matching hats from Nana Kristi.

The big kids at the swim was a little to cool to swim, but they got their legs wet anyways.

Heather and K-baby