Friday, August 28, 2009

We have a crawler in the house!

K-baby (8 months old this week) is crawling around! After a few weeks of maneuvering around by rolling, sitting and scooting she is now moving around at a fast crawl towards anything that ISN'T a toy. So to say the proofing the house will commence this weekend. Shawn and the kids already installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs.

baby gate installation

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Truck and Monarch Butterflies

Did you know that it is fall in MN???? Our trees are already changing colors, which makes us realize that we are truly living in the far North! We also learned that we are very close to were the Monarch butterflies start migrating. The kids have been busy this past week running through the backyard with their bug net trying to catch the Monarchs. They caught a few this afternoon with daddy and he even showed them how to tell the difference between a boy and girl one...if you want to know I guess you will just have to call and ask one of my kids. :)

Shawn also got a new truck a couple of weeks ago and even let me drive it this weekend for the first time. I am sure that his pride is fully intact now that he won't be required to go duck hunting with his Dodge Intrepid or my minivan anymore.

K-baby 8 months --starting to pull up on things --baby proofing the house is not far behind!




k-sis and daddy's new toy!

Camping in the backyard

The kids really wanted to go camping, so Shawn decided to take them on a trail run in the backyard. The kids had a great time running in and out of the tent all day and then their favorite part was making smores and hot dogs on the fire. They didn't end up sleeping the whole night in the tent... the neighbors behind us were having a late night party and then Shawn couldn't go to sleep so he hauled them back inside. Of course K-baby and I decided to spend the whole night indoors so we slept really well. :) Here are the picts from the camping extravaganza in the back yard.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 4 of homeschool and a healthy dinner

The kids are still enjoying homeschool...even K-sis (who is 2) is sitting for the whole time that her big brother and sister are sitting. She wants to be in on ALL the action. I am hoping that as K-baby gets more mobile and playful she will want to play with her.

We always start the day with the pledge to the flag, calendar and bible study. The kids love holding the flag in the air and waving it around. We hadn't done the pledge for a few months, so finally today I think the kids remembered the words again :). I could also tell that we hadn't done any math in a while, so K-man has been busy reviewing all of his single digit math subtraction and addition facts this week. He has been asking all week when he can do his next math-u-see lesson, which includes watching a short DVD lesson and doing 6 workbook pages. I think he has a obsessive compulsive, perfectionist tendency from his dad...not that it isn't a good thing to finish one task at a time, every time - that just isn't me.

Shawn has been enjoying doing the science activities with the kids when he gets home from work. Sonlight has such a wonderful science program, it is SO easy for him to step in and read the books, watch the DVD and then experiment (play) with the kids.
The bottle experiment- checking to see if the bottle was empty or full???
Guess what it was full of air.
Daddy and the moving objects with air experiment/paper races. This was a huge hit.
K-kids saying the pledge! K-sis is so proud as she holds the flag. In a few weeks we will add the Christian flag pledge.
This is the picture of my totally healthy dinner. My parents are doing the medifast diet plan and they look so AWESOME that they are motivating me to each healthier.
Sorry, the photo doesn't look as good as it tasted. I LOVE green beans from the garden and these were the last ones we are getting from our garden this year. The wild rice was also very tasty, but I can't wait to try the recipe on the back of the package adding celery, onion, garlic and other spices. The fish is talapia and it was wonderful! I am not much of a fish person unless it is covered in bread crumbs or fried, but as I am trying to eat healthy I baked the talapia fillets after drizzling them with olive oil and sprinkling on some healthy seasoning. It was awesome.
The best part of the meal was that I fixed the kids corn dogs and french fries (Shawn even requested one when he heard what I was fixing) because I didn't think they would even try the fish or rice. Each k-kid ended up trying the rice and fish and they all loved it, so ended up sharing both with them. Next time it will be fish and rice for ALL. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We LOVE Sonlight Science

Homeschool - Day 2

K-man is a total science freak! He loves science -- I think that must be one of those wonderful inherited traits from daddy. Today we talked about the sun, moon and Earth. We discussed how God created our world to work perfectly to support life and how all of the objects in our solar system rotate. They all enjoyed measuring their shadow growing with sidewalk chalk as the Earth rotated!

measuring our shadows

K-baby "doing" school too!

K-man and K-girl working on their bible study worksheet.
This year I am using Sonlight K and also The Bible Study Guide For All Ages. The kids seem to love both and aren't confused by doing two different bible readings during the day. The Bible Study Guide has great visuals and a great application section. My only problem so far is getting K-man to wait long enough to give K-girl a chance to answer questions.

1st day of Homeschool

My kids think homeschool is the best thing in the world. They were ready for the school year to start and even begged me to start early! Lucky for me we had 4 weeks that we were able to spend with Grandparents and they forgot about school starting for a little while. I didn't get any other photos of our first day because we were SO busy all day, but they enjoyed posing outside.
I am sure that it will take us a while to find our grove. The first day of school took all day to complete, but we did it and they had FUN all day long. The big girls chose NOT to nap and played school all day right beside big brother. K-man napped through age 5 everyday for hours so I am having a hard time with K-sis NOT napping at age 2 1/2, but she seems to be okay at the end of the day. I also had to rearrange our schedule to put the harder subjects when K-baby was napping...although she is being a trooper. I put a blanket on the floor of the schoolroom with some toys and she plays away. She has also started to crawl, roll and move around so we often find her across the room in a few minutes.
Today we were finished with school before lunch and the kids were able to go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! I am planning on taking more pictures of the kids doing school this week now that we seem to be moving through the activities a little faster.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nana's little cowgirls and one hard worker

So we spent two BUSY weeks in Kansas and the kids loved every minute of it. Both sets of grandparents live out in the country and somehow I was born with four farm kids. All of my kids love being outdoors, animals, gardening, tractor riding, and even CHORES!

K-man was busy watering flowers at my parent's house and then busy working with Papa Bruce, driving the tractor, forklift or just going in the truck. He made sure Papa got him up at 6 a.m. one morning just so he could help unload the semi full of felt that Papa had delivered.

The girls kept busy gardening with Nana, grooming and riding Blackie and cooking. I don't think we had a spare minute while on vacation! We visited with cousins, went to the pool, park, library, shopping, splash park, fishing, watched cement being poured, rode the atv, ate out, train ride at the zoo.....We took a huge amount of pictures while on vacation, but as I was looking through the folder, these were some of the best ones.

Nana's Little Cowgirls!

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Kansas Picts

Summer Kansas Trip

We have been busy on our two week vacation to visit both sets of grandparents. Shawn was with us for our 1st week of vacation in IL at my mother's family reunion and then he had to travel back home to his new job. The kids and I drove down to KS with my parents and spent a busy week at their home.