Sunday, October 11, 2009

Freezer Cooking with the 4 K's

Freezer cooking is one of my favorite ways to cook. I love being able to spend one day cooking and then enjoy the benefits for the rest of the month. I used to get together with my good friend Heather and we would each cook different meals while we talked and them would split them up to take home. Food and Fellowship, what could be better? I have also doubled recipes when I cooked dinner and then frozen what we didn't eat for future use. Doing the cooking that way fits into my regular cooking schedule and doesn't take much extra time.

This was my first time to freezer cook since we moved to MN and the kids and husband were all at home (inside too, because of the cold). I had LOTS of help which I knew I would have because my kids all love to help cook They were really helpful...stirring, cutting, peeling, recycling the cans and washing dishes.

We completed 20 meals this afternoon and have a few more planned for tomorrow. The girls have been begging me to make big pretzels and I also want to make some homemade granola. Shawn requested coconut cream pie, but I don't know if I will get to that this time :) although I may have the girls make chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze which will make him happy.

We made: black beans and rice, minestrone soup, linguine a la anne, hearty hamburger stew, chicken and broccoli casserole, chili, meal in one potatoes, chicken soup, potato soup, lentil rice soup and sopa de maize. It must be cold out...I was craving lots of soup recipes this time.

Tomorrow we will work on: Baked Herb fish fillet, balken meatballs, chili verde, cookies, granola, pretzels and bbq chicken pasta.

Some of our meals.

K-man was super happy because he got to use a knife.

K-girl using the peeler.

K-sis aka tinkerbell stirring ingredients.
My two favorite freezer cooking books are Once a Month Cooking by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg (who I have actually met). Her book has delicous recipes and I have liked everyone that I have tried so far. The other book I use is The Freezer Cooking Manual from 30 Day Gourmet by Nanci Slagle. Her recipes are very frugal and can easily be modified by adding additional spices and some ingredients.

The best bonuse for the end of the day was when Shawn helped me clean up the counters, stove and then finished all of the dirty dishes that were on the counter! What a wonderful husband. :)

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