Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homeschool Uniform

We have a very strict dress code for homeschool which is enforced by K-sis everyday. All girls MUST wear a leotard or princess dress! It is a very serious offence if you try to get around this dress code, even if it is only 30 degrees out. I have had to pry K-sis out of her leotard or dress each evening to put on p.j.s for bed and she hasn't wanted to go outside for the past 2 weeks because she would have to put on winter clothes and take off her prized outfit.

Luckily she has allowed me to change her when we go out for errands, but not before asking if she can just put something over the top of her leotard. Can you imagine taking a 2 year old to Target and have to go to the bathroom with who knows how many layer of clothes on that all must come off to simply go potty???

K-girl in her black leotard :)

K-girl in her princess dress. Notice her new earrings :)

K-sis in her princess dress with new clip-on earrings and crown which she has claimed from K-girl.

another day....same dress
The good thing about our homeschool uniforms is that I don't have to do as much laundry because they want to wear the same thing everyday (as long as we don't spill). K-sis has also decided that she is tinkerbell (she has a dress-up outfit for this too) and K-girl also has a couple of more leotards she uses so at least they aren't wondering around naked when I am washing the dirty ones, but K-sis doesn't let me forget they are being washed and asks at least every hour if the laundry is done yet. :)

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