Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nana, Papa and the Pumpkin Patch

After waiting for Nana and Papa Papon to arrive a day late due to bad weather, we kept them hopping for the whole visit. We enjoyed a wonderful day at the local pumpkin patch after Papa and dad went duck hunting early Sunday morning. The grandparents took K-girl to her gymnastics class, k-man to the museum, and we even enjoyed some outside playtime between rain storms.

We were also lucky enough to get the grandparents for an extra day because of rain on Tuesday. All the kids (and Nana) jumped around like wild hooligans when Papa decided to wait another day to go home. :)

We were at the pumpkin patch for about 3 hours so between Yvette and I we had TONS of good pictures of all the activities that we did. The pumpkin patch wasn't quite as nice as our the one we used to visit in Wisconsin, but the kids managed to stay busy the whole time.

K-girl feeds a baby calf

k-man feeding another baby calf

Nana and K-baby hanging out.

K-man and K-sis cleaning her pumpkin.

Picking out the perfect pumpkin is hard work!

All the Papons at the farm.

The MN Papons

Looking at the baby cows.

K-baby LOVES animals, especially this cute baby goat.

Load of K-kids

Cornbox (instead of sand) was a huge hit with all 4 kids.

Papa with 2 of the girls

Papa and daddy shot 3 ducks on the second day of duck season.

K-sis getting close to Papa in the airplane. I think she wants a ride. :)

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