Thursday, October 22, 2009

A New Schedule

I just finished a wonderful book by Steven and Teri Maxwell called, Managers of Their Homes. They are a wonderful homeschooling family from Kansas who have been homeschooling their kids for many years. The book had many great ideas about how to organize my day in order to get everything in that I felt God leading me to do with the kids. This was our first week on the schedule and it went great. I didn't stick to my evening plans much, but I was able to accomplish a lot of activities with the kids; school, chores, fun time, naps, art and even preschool time with the middle girls.

I thought that having to cut out all of the little squares would be really time consuming, but it didn't take me long to type every thing up on the computer, print them out and cut them up. Using all the little squares allowed me to rearrange the activities until I came up with something that I thought would work and if nap times change or something isn't working it is easy to move the squares to a different time. I LOVE this book and would recommend it to any homeschooling family. At first I thought I would find it too restrictive, but it provides us with just enough structure that we can get every thing done that we need too and still have time for all the fun stuff too. It also allows me to tell the kids, "no this isn't the time for t.v. or computer because we are scheduled to do ____." and the kids understand that they will get their turn when it is time. :) We even managed to get to story time at the library which all four k-kids love and our schedule still worked.

Each of the colors is a different family member (except Shawn...he seems to always be busy and able to manage his time without my help).

Echoing leaf art from K-man this week

K-girl's jack-o-lantern

K-man's jack-o-lantern

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