Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pictures of the week

We had a busy week doing a variety of activities We didn't do anything too earth shattering, but I have uploaded lots of pictures of what kept us busy.
Our church also has a christian school that it runs during the week for preschoolers through 6th grade. This week on Friday they held their annual carnival/fundraiser and so we decided to take the kids. They each got to do a few games, but the cup stacking room was their favorite. The kids were excited to see the cups that Nana Kristi had at her school. Kaylee also enjoyed getting her hair and nails done at the carnival, but I didn't get a picture of that. She chose a different color for each hand. :)
K-man stacking the cups at the Naz School carnival.

K-sis showing off her stacked cups. This was our favorite event at the carnival, besides the prizes of course.

K-girl stacking the BIG cups at the carnival!

K-sis...just to show you that I do get her out of the house every once in a while...but she does have her tutu on underneath her snow suit. :)

K-baby enjoying the leaves. She also got a wagon ride from the kids up and down the block and was able to crawl around after the balls on the ground. I am sure she is going to be lots of fun next summer, but I am glad she is mostly indoors at this age because she wants to eat everything she finds on the ground.

The princesses sorting shapes.

The kids showing off their Sonlight markable map...we looked up the tallest mountain on each continent and labeled it with a picture.

K-sis eating our home-made bread...we ground our own wheat for this loaf while we were at the pumpkin was delicious!

k-girl and k-man eating their home-made bread.

The Prairie Learning Center.

Shawn was able to get off work a few hours early on Tuesday to take the 2 oldest k-kids on a homeschool field trip with our christian homeschool group in town. It rained most of the time and they got a little wet while they were outside exploring, but I still think they had lots of fun. K-man is up front in the red shirt and K-girl is in the back (staying close to daddy) in the navy shirt.
One of my favorite things about moving to MN has been having Shawn working in town. We can have picnic lunch with him (when the weather is nice) and he is also able to enjoy so of our school and fun activities that are during the day. He was able to attend some of K-man's t-ball games which were during the day this summer. He is also able to take a few hours off so I can take the kids to the doctor or dentist which isn't much fun but better than having to get a babysitter for a few hours.


  1. What a beautiful family your have!
    I just love those giant stacking cups!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I have been enjoying your blog and the kids have loved the art ideas that I got from your site.