Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time!

Since it was snowy and cold for the past two weekends we were pretty excited to get a couple of days with no rain/snow or wind. The whole family managed to make a trip to Fargo for pictures at Sears on Saturday. We got K-baby's 9 month pictures and also the older 3 kiddos school pictures. The pictures turned out great and we even managed to get a picture of all of them together.

The kids were super excited because they were having a safety day at the mall so they were able to sit in a police car and also had their kids i.d. taken. I can remember getting my kids i.d. when I was little and they put your fingers in blue ink to take your fingerprints and took a poloroid shot to put in your file. It was neat to watch the workers take digital pictures of the kids and then they got to put their fingers on a special machine that automatically put their fingerprints in to a computer file. It is pretty amazing how technology changes things.

We also had a great time carving our pumpkins outside. All the kids had fun helping out.

The master pumpkin carver.

K-girl...she wanted to make sure we took a picture of her with her hand IN the pumpkin. K-baby was in the mix the whole time.

K-sis thinking about what to draw on her pumpkin.

Sorting the seeds...we are going to clean, dry and cook them so we can use them for art projects.

K-sis helping with the pumpkin carving...of course she has on her crown.

K-baby checks out a pumpkin.

K-kids all dressed up for church.

K-man is now in-charge of reading aloud before nap time. He loves reading. :)

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  1. I always enjoyed carving pumpkins - always fun to be creative and see how scary you can make the pumpkin. Miss you and luv the crown K-Sis. Luv to all.