Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winter has arrived!!

We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw it snowing out the front window on Friday afternoon. By the time we went to bed we had gotten about an inch of snow accumulation. The kids got up early on Saturday and HAD to play in the snow before breakfast. The snow had melted from the drive way so K-man had to settle for scooping the front yard. I guess if it has to be cold there might as well be snow on the ground to play with. K-sis even took off her leotard long enough to wear winter clothes and gear for a short trip in the snow.

Our yard before K-man scooped it. :)

K-girl, J (a neighbor boy who the kids LOVE playing with) and K-man

K-man, K-sis and K-girl showing of their winter gear.
Lincoln Log tower - As the weather is getting colder we are starting to spend more time in our wonderful basement. The kids had a great time using these lincoln logs I bought at a garage sale to make a tower taller than they were.

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