Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go BIG Red!!!!

I got up with the kids this morning so I got to dress the kids...and since the Nebraska Cornhuskers are playing the K-State Wildcats in football tonight I had to make sure my 4 lovely children were wearing the appropriate colors!

mommy and K #3 and #4 GO BIG RED!!!!
K-baby on her riding toy. She loves for K-man and K-girl to push her around and they love to do it!

Our new Christmas countdown tree that I made :) I am also working on some other scrapbooking/crafting items but can't post pictures otherwise I would ruin the suprise. I can't wait for Christmas...I'm not very good at waiting to give presents.

I supose I should go find some of the kids purple clothes to try on so Yvette doesn't return my Christmas gifts. :) I have at least 2 kids who think they are going to be K-state fans, 1 Nebraska fan, and one undecided.

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  1. Good thing you put the disclaimer in for me about finding purple clohtes. I'm fixing to shop online to fix any future problems for lack of purple colors. :)