Sunday, November 15, 2009

We have a Walker in the house!

Our baby is walking!!!

It is hard to believe, but while Shawn was gone hunting this week with his dad and brother in South Dakota, K-baby decided to start walking. It is amazing how quickly she figured it out and I can't believe she is 10 months old (k-man was an early walker too, but the 2 middle girls took their time and didn't walk until closer to a year old). She just stands up in the middle of the floor and takes off. Here is one of our first videos.

K-baby walking

Shawn had a great trip with his dad and brother to South Dakota. They met on Thursday and then hunted pheasants for two days. They saw LOTS of pheasants and even managed to shoot a few to bring home. :) Eric's friend from the air force lives in South Dakota so they had someone to take them around and also someone to provide them with lots of wonderful food!! I heard that they had pork chops, steak and many other good meals....did I mention that the kids and I ate yummy leftovers??? I am always glad when Shawn gets a chance to go out and do something he enjoys! We missed him while he was gone and always appriciate him a little bit more once he gets back.

The kids and I stayed busy all weekend. We went to the library for a special storytime, shopping and even a shop at the park because the weather was so nice.


  1. That was amazing!! Can't wait to see her walk in person!! You can tell she knows she is doing something special;)

  2. She'll be a pro by the time we see you guys in Dec. Katie will love playing with her.