Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1st day of Ice Skating

Winter has finally hit the Minnesota area. I was beginning to think that winter wouldn't be too bad, but this week we had snow everyday and the high for today was 8 degrees. We are definitely dreaming of spring and summer.

One good thing about living in the North during winter is that there are plenty of winter activities for us to participate in. Today we took the kids ice skating for the first time. We went to Fargo this weekend and picked up 3 pairs of ice skates at Play It Again Sports. We went to the indoor, open skate time at our local arena today. Brrrr! With it being so cold outside we probably shouldn't have even gone outside, but after making it from the van and in to the building it wasn't so bad. Of course I put our camera in the camera bag and then promply left that bag at home. I did remember the diaper bag, my purse and two other bags with skates.

K-man and K-girl LOVED skating and thought it was the best thing ever. They didn't want to leave when the open skating time was up. They had some really nice skate walkers that they used to get started, but then K-man didn't even need that after about 15 minutes. K-sis didn't really enjoy skating since I was also watching K-baby, but after daddy arrived she did enjoy some spins around the rink while sitting in the umbrella stroller. :) K-baby loved this too! I am wondering if my jogging stroller would push around on the ice as nice as my little one person stroller so I could do both girls at once???

It was wonderful (but still cold) in the indoor arena and of course there were only 2 other families there using it during the day. They also happened to be homeschool families that we knew so the kids had a great time playing with their friends.

K-sis in her new shoes, p.j.s and hair bows...notice she is sharing her crown with her horse.

K-man scooping the yard to make a snow fort! The boy LOVES to shovel!

K-baby, snack time!

My new beautiful purse that my mom made me!! I love it!!!!

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  1. Love the crown on the stick horsie! Why didn't I ever think of that! I have had a bell on my horse's cinch though at Christmas time:) KBaby is getting so big!!!