Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

My parents came to visit us for the week of Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time! Since we live so far from our families we are always greatful that they are willing to make the time to travel up and see us. We did lots of different activities, walks, playing at the park, cooking, games, bowling and even camper shopping (for my parents). We had lots of pictures....

K-sis made dirt and worms, yum!

K-girl made pizza bagels

Nana read books

Papa and K-man enjoyed playing cards and drinking hot chocolate.

K-sis, cooking with her shirt ON.

Making turkey cookies with our shirts OFF.

Nana and Papa even got to go to co-op class with us. The kids were excited when Nana got to play with them in PE. Papa was busy helping mama with K-baby.

We switched carseats around a lot this week, so of course K-baby had to try out K-man's booster seat.

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  1. Seems like we always get around to blogging on the same day! I just finally finished one up also!

    We MUST make dirt and worms at xmas! But in bigger cups..LOL. I have chocolate pudding for Katie, so she could have some too!