Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting In The Holiday Spirit

I went a little bit picture crazy on this blog entry, but we did so many fun things this week that I had to find a way to include it all.

We have had a busy week! We are trying cram all our Christmas activities in before we leave for our annual Christmas trip to Kansas. Since both of our families live in Kansas, we always travel down there for our Christmas holiday. We love spending time with our families and celebrating Christ's birthday with our loved ones.

We have been busy shopping, wrapping presents and spending time outside doing winter activities when the temperatures get in to the teens.

Our new fake tree. Usually we like to do a real tree, but since our tree will only be up for 3 weeks this year, we decided to go with a fake. Notice the bottom foot is bare, that is because ALL of my kids love the ornaments so they slowly get moved to the top of the tree as they play with them. So far K-baby hasn't unwrapped any of the presents, but her eyes did light up when K-sis had her birthday last week. You could see the wheels turning in her head when K-sis opened presents and you could tell she was thinking, "that was what I'm supposed to do with those boxes."

My Christmas villages. The kids love turning on the lights every time we are in the room.

The kids all in their p.j.s for our trip out to see Christmas lights. They had a great time looking at the lights around town and drinking their hot chocolate. Everytime K-sis would see lights she would shout, "there's some!" She loved every minute. We are really looking forward to seeing lights in Hutchinson with Nana and Papa. The people in Hutchinson go crazy with lights and themes for whole neighborhoods so there will be lots of lights to see.

K-man's second day skating. We went down to the local school, just a few blocks from our house and tried the outdoor skate rink (this location has 2 rinks). K-man had a great time and didn't want to quit when mom got cold.

K-girl loved ice skating too! She even skated without help, but prefered to hold on and push the umbrella stroller while she skated.

We also managed a visit to our town's huge sled hill before we went ice skating. The kids had fun going down the hill on my parent's old tobagon sled. It was quite a hike from the bottom up.

The Hospice House North of our house about 1/2 a mile finally opened up last month. One of the ladies that works there also attends our church. She let us know about different opportunities to volunteer and the kids and I were excited about getting to help out. One of their needs was for people to come in and cook meals for the residents and their families, and since my kids LOVE to help me cook, I knew this would be a perfect opportunity for us to serve in our community together.
Since this was our first time to help out, I decided to try an easy recipe with ingredients that I knew I had at home. We made Tiger Fudge, a recipe I got from my good friend Deb Pierce from when we lived in Columbia, MO. So, on Friday morning I gathered up all of my ingredients and all four of my children and we headed off to make our recipe. The Hospice House had a great kitchen and the kids loved helping to stir the ingredients.

K-baby helping out at the Hospice House (snacking)

K-sis - breaking up the Tiger Fudge

K-girl and K-man helping to break up the fudge. K-man even washed all of the dishes for me.

Sprinkles and frosting with a little bit of cookie! The kids had a great time making cookies with mom. We were hoping to deliver some of these to our new neighbors, but ended up eating them instead.

Bedtime book reading with mom.

This is the cookie that K-sis made for Heather!

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