Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Vacation Begins

Our Christmas adventure begins! My parents arrived on Wednesday night around midnight so the kids were really excited when they woke up and found a "suprise" in Kolsen's room. Mom and dad spent a few days learning about their new motorhome and then we got to carpool home together. We have been busy visiting relatives and friends and doing activities everyday! We should be tired by the time we get home.

My parent's new motorhome. WOW!

Gingerbread houses, everyone got their own to decorate.

Kassidy (and Shawn) celebrated their birthdays. We didn't get candles on Shawn's cake because we didn't want to call the fire department (just kidding honey!).
Kassidy with her birthday cake face. We gave her a piece of cake and she at EVERY crumb. She loves dessert.

Friends from church. (starting at the Left) Kirk, Phillip and Melissa went to youth group with me and we did many crazy, fun things together in high school. Bonnie and Ed (on my right) were our youth group leaders. Attending youth group each Wednesday night at their house was definitely one of my favorite things in high school.

Hayrack ride in Inam, KS where my brother's family lives. They took us for a ride around their city park to see a live nativity and luminaries.

K-man shooting cans with his gun. He would tell us which can he was going to shoot and then he would hit it. He thought he was hot stuff. We are excited to share with cousins next week when we visit Shawn's parents.

K-baby didn't like Santa at all!

K-sis thought Santa was okay, but only while Nana was sitting on Santa's lap for her. :)

K-man sitting with Santa. Of course he asked for a John Deere.

K-girl thought Santa was okay and she asked for a pink bridle for Blackie (nana's horse).

Another hayrack ride after visiting Santa. This one was in downtown Hutchinson.

Plus, while driving down we stopped in Lincoln at Runza and ate dinner with my Papa Bo and Aunt Sid. We saw my cousin Keith and his family, but forgot to take pictures. The kids also enjoyed jumping on Asher's jump house in his basement and playing Kenny and Staci's new WII they got for Christmas.

and we still have over a week to go. Tomorrow we open presents. Friday, stockings from Santa and aebleskivers for breakfast. Saturday, we drive down to Shawn's parents for another week of fun!

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  1. Glad you're having a good time. We can't wait to see everyone next week.