Sunday, January 31, 2010

In with the new

With all of our new lessons, activities and Christmas toys I haven't had time to tell you about a few other new things around our household.

The kids were super excited a few weeks ago when their new Math-U-See curriculum arrived in the mail. K-man is used to the routine and started on his book right away (this is his second book for this year -- he gets that from his dad). K-girl has been begging to do math just like her brother so I went ahead and got her the book I was hoping to use with her next year for Kindergarten. She is already on Unit 9 (out of 30).

Even a princess needs her nails to look good!

K-girl on lesson one, writing numbers and counting.

K-man with his new book, boy was he excited!

K-girl using the math manipulatives to make numbers.
I don't even get to teach anymore because K-man is always wanting to help his sister out with the math that he has already done!
K-sis, working on shapes and sorting.
I even found time to make the girls matching dresses/shirts. They were super easy and went together really well. I actually used my serger for the second time. :)

K-baby in her new dress/shirt.

K-man didn't want a dress, but he did say 5 verses at AWANAS on Wednesday night so he got his new Sparks Vest! He is planning on saying 4 verses for this week...ambitious for sure, but I bet he can do it. He has been reminding me each night to practice with him.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blizzard Warning!

We ended up having a suprise 4 day weekend today because our area of MN had a blizzard (and Shawn took Friday off to go skiing with the kids). We stayed inside all day, except for when Shawn ventured out to the mailbox and decided to not go anywhere else because of the blowing snow.

Mostly, Shawn did taxes (I wasn't really any help, but I did keep the kids out if the room for him). He did find some time to cook a triple batch of zuchini nut bread with K-man and play a little bit of wii baseball. The kids and I did lots of school, played with the Thomas trains and even cooked double batches of chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (most of these are going in our freezer for later).

I now have 4 helpers because k-baby is climbing the kitchen chairs and has to be doing exactly what everyone else is doing. I'm hoping she doesn't figure out the bunkbed ladder for a few more months!

all my girl chefs

K-man preparing the dough for the freezer. He is a huge help!

The big kids sledding on the sled hill. K-sis is still a little leary of sledding so she only went down 3 times and claimed she didn't have any fun.

A short clip of the blowing's hard to see how bad the snow was blowing. I was glad that I didn't have to go out today.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another busy week at the Papon household

We had another busy week. We started out the weekend with sledding, skating and a little cross county skiing, which I posted about last week.

Monday, Shawn had off work. :) I took the big 2 Ks cooking at the Hospice house. I went grocery shopping by myself and Shawn went on a cleaning rampage (YEAH!). Shawn also managed to do some science experiments with the kids.

Tuesday, I'm sure we did something, maybe school???

Wednesday, we had AWANAS and gymnastics for K-sis.

Thursday night we went to a gymnastics meet. The girls were excited because they got to watch their coaches actually do their routines.

Friday, Shawn took a day off work and we took all the kids to the ski hill. This counts as homeschool P.E. class this week, even Nana Kristi would be proud. K-man and and K-girl had a great time and daddy too!

Boy are we glad it is finally the weekend! Hopefully we will find some time to relax and go to bed early. I think K-man wants to play battleship, his newest, favorite game from Aunt Theresa.

K-sis (Can you see the socks, not tights under her skirt?)

Sledding can be dnagerous too. :(

science with daddy...talking about how dough changes...then painting the results. :) We can turn anything into a craft.

chopping veggies for soup at the hospice house (brave mom, I know)

The ski crew, K-girl, daddy and K-man

k-man and k-girl going up the tow rope. I was impressed with Shawn's camera skills since he took this picture while he was using the tow rope.


Getting their free, private lesson from the ski patrol before starting. By the end of the day they were racing each other down the mountain. :) They also want to know when we are going back.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gymnastics, finally!!!

K-sis was sooooo excited on Wednesday when she finally got to attend gymnastics class. We have been talking about this all fall, telling her she had to be 3 years old before she could go. I think this may have been more anticipated than Christmas this year. She kept telling me, "after Christmas I go to nastics."

K-sis got to do the uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, floor, and "the cheese" triangle mat in her first gymnastics class. It was taught by 2 high school girls and only had about 8 kids in it. She was definitely one of the shorter kids in her class, but she was a go getter! She was always at the front of the line (even when she would cut in front of the other kids) I won't have to worry about her getting skipped or missing a turn. :) I think every week for her is going to be count down to gymnastics day!

K-sis is the tiny, cutie-pa-tutie girl in pink. Swinging on the uneven bars (top) and 4th in line (bottom).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We are SOOOO in trouble!

I have been meaning to get pictures of Christmas up because we had a wonderful time spending our vacation with family.....but I have had my hands full...unpacking, starting school back up and keeping my eye on this little one!

Enjoy the videos of trouble in 10 seconds or less! I can't believe she is only 12 months old!

No wonder I can't get anything done during the day!