Friday, January 22, 2010

Another busy week at the Papon household

We had another busy week. We started out the weekend with sledding, skating and a little cross county skiing, which I posted about last week.

Monday, Shawn had off work. :) I took the big 2 Ks cooking at the Hospice house. I went grocery shopping by myself and Shawn went on a cleaning rampage (YEAH!). Shawn also managed to do some science experiments with the kids.

Tuesday, I'm sure we did something, maybe school???

Wednesday, we had AWANAS and gymnastics for K-sis.

Thursday night we went to a gymnastics meet. The girls were excited because they got to watch their coaches actually do their routines.

Friday, Shawn took a day off work and we took all the kids to the ski hill. This counts as homeschool P.E. class this week, even Nana Kristi would be proud. K-man and and K-girl had a great time and daddy too!

Boy are we glad it is finally the weekend! Hopefully we will find some time to relax and go to bed early. I think K-man wants to play battleship, his newest, favorite game from Aunt Theresa.

K-sis (Can you see the socks, not tights under her skirt?)

Sledding can be dnagerous too. :(

science with daddy...talking about how dough changes...then painting the results. :) We can turn anything into a craft.

chopping veggies for soup at the hospice house (brave mom, I know)

The ski crew, K-girl, daddy and K-man

k-man and k-girl going up the tow rope. I was impressed with Shawn's camera skills since he took this picture while he was using the tow rope.


Getting their free, private lesson from the ski patrol before starting. By the end of the day they were racing each other down the mountain. :) They also want to know when we are going back.

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