Monday, January 25, 2010

Blizzard Warning!

We ended up having a suprise 4 day weekend today because our area of MN had a blizzard (and Shawn took Friday off to go skiing with the kids). We stayed inside all day, except for when Shawn ventured out to the mailbox and decided to not go anywhere else because of the blowing snow.

Mostly, Shawn did taxes (I wasn't really any help, but I did keep the kids out if the room for him). He did find some time to cook a triple batch of zuchini nut bread with K-man and play a little bit of wii baseball. The kids and I did lots of school, played with the Thomas trains and even cooked double batches of chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (most of these are going in our freezer for later).

I now have 4 helpers because k-baby is climbing the kitchen chairs and has to be doing exactly what everyone else is doing. I'm hoping she doesn't figure out the bunkbed ladder for a few more months!

all my girl chefs

K-man preparing the dough for the freezer. He is a huge help!

The big kids sledding on the sled hill. K-sis is still a little leary of sledding so she only went down 3 times and claimed she didn't have any fun.

A short clip of the blowing's hard to see how bad the snow was blowing. I was glad that I didn't have to go out today.

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