Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gymnastics, finally!!!

K-sis was sooooo excited on Wednesday when she finally got to attend gymnastics class. We have been talking about this all fall, telling her she had to be 3 years old before she could go. I think this may have been more anticipated than Christmas this year. She kept telling me, "after Christmas I go to nastics."

K-sis got to do the uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, floor, and "the cheese" triangle mat in her first gymnastics class. It was taught by 2 high school girls and only had about 8 kids in it. She was definitely one of the shorter kids in her class, but she was a go getter! She was always at the front of the line (even when she would cut in front of the other kids) I won't have to worry about her getting skipped or missing a turn. :) I think every week for her is going to be count down to gymnastics day!

K-sis is the tiny, cutie-pa-tutie girl in pink. Swinging on the uneven bars (top) and 4th in line (bottom).

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