Sunday, January 31, 2010

In with the new

With all of our new lessons, activities and Christmas toys I haven't had time to tell you about a few other new things around our household.

The kids were super excited a few weeks ago when their new Math-U-See curriculum arrived in the mail. K-man is used to the routine and started on his book right away (this is his second book for this year -- he gets that from his dad). K-girl has been begging to do math just like her brother so I went ahead and got her the book I was hoping to use with her next year for Kindergarten. She is already on Unit 9 (out of 30).

Even a princess needs her nails to look good!

K-girl on lesson one, writing numbers and counting.

K-man with his new book, boy was he excited!

K-girl using the math manipulatives to make numbers.
I don't even get to teach anymore because K-man is always wanting to help his sister out with the math that he has already done!
K-sis, working on shapes and sorting.
I even found time to make the girls matching dresses/shirts. They were super easy and went together really well. I actually used my serger for the second time. :)

K-baby in her new dress/shirt.

K-man didn't want a dress, but he did say 5 verses at AWANAS on Wednesday night so he got his new Sparks Vest! He is planning on saying 4 verses for this week...ambitious for sure, but I bet he can do it. He has been reminding me each night to practice with him.

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  1. I have such bright grandchildren - and the cutest ever... hope everyone is feeling now. The tops for the girls are soooo cute.