Thursday, February 18, 2010

K-man got "carried" away!

We have been busy working through our new math books from Math-u-See. This week K-man was working on adding and estimating numbers in the hundreds. He is also working on understanding the concept of carrying numbers from one place value to another. We got talking about BIG numbers and he decided he wanted to try adding bigger numbers. We LOVE Math-u-See, it makes math concepts so easy to understand and teach to your children. I don't see us using any other math program.


Our favorite spot to do math. Notice that K-baby has to in on all the action too!

K-baby's favorite spot during school in the classroom. Boy, do I wish she didn't like pencils, but at least it isn't a marker. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Nephew

We were surprised with a new nephew this week. He came 6 days before his scheduled c-section. What a wonderful early V-day gift and he looks as cute as can be. We hope that we get to see him in real life sometime before he is too grown up.

Another K kid for the Papon Family
Congrats to Eric (Shawn's brother), Theresa, and the KS K-kids!

Andes Tower Hills Skiing

We had a great week with my parents! We live so far away from family that we always appriciate when they can travel up our direction (hint, hint!).

For our final day of fun Nana and Papa took the big K kids ice staking and then down hill skiing. K-man and K-girl had a wonderful time skiing and are looking forward to doing it again! Last time we went they spent quite a bit of time on the bunny hill. This time after a couple of trips down the bunny hill to warm up we spent the remainder of the day on the big chair lifts. They had two really nice green (easy) runs for the kids to do.

The ski group Carrie, K-girl, Kristi, K-man and Tom

Papa Tom and K-man

Nana Kristi and K-girl

K-girl on the chair lift.

Shawn and I even managed a couple of runs by ourselves while the grandparents had the 4 K kids in the lodge (aren't they wonderful!).

On Saturday, we were sad to see my parents go home, but I did get to enjoy a wonderful day in Fargo shopping by myself :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Survived Wednesday

Wednesday always seems to be our busiest day of the week. We started with mid-morning donuts and storytime with Nana, a trip to Pizza Ranch for lunch, school/naptime, K-sis got to show Nana all of her gymnastics moves during her class and the girls got their vests at AWANAS. We also celebrated Dad's b-day with Carrot cake (yesterday).

Happy B-day Papa!

A healthy mid-morning snack :)

Story time

Everyone now has an AWANA vest! These are my 2 cubbies and 1 spark.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Okay, so I really don't mind the snow, I just wish it would melt away every once in a while. It did snow in KS and MO when we lived there, but it would melt after a few days and you could see the grass again...not so in WI and MN. Once it starts snowing here in November the snow sticks around until summer! At least it feels that way. The snow in the lowest part of the yard is at least 2 feet deep.

Thank goodness we like winter activities!

K-man after he and Papa scooped the driveway.
Notice the pathway to the right of K-man in the picture that is the path we shoveled to their snow fort. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy early B-day for K-man and K-girl

After a harrowing week of all of us going through the stomach flu we were just glad we survived the week. My parents had been planning on flying commercially to Fargo on Friday to help me with the kids, but we gave them an extra night in a hotel so we could fully recover and degerm the house. We were glad when the weather didn't delay or cancel their flight and we were all able to get healthy in time for their visit.

Shawn was supposed to spend the week at a conference in Washington D.C. which is why my parents decided to fly up and help me out with the kids. Well, the weather went crazy in D.C. and Shawn's flight was cancelled so we are glad he got to stay home and play with us this week too. He even managed to get another snow day today and went bowling with us. :)

I guess my parents will have to come up again some other time to help me out again although a 4 adults/4 kids ratio isn't a bad thing.

We decided to celebrate the big K's birthdays early with my parents so they could see the kids enjoying their presents. The kids both have birthdays in March, but we rarely celebrate on the day since our families live so far away. My mom's birthday is in late January and my father's b-day is tomorrow so we are throwing a big birthday bash this week with skiing, bowling, ice skating, sledding and maybe some cake too.

Both kids picked out a special toy while we were shopping in Fargo. K-man and Papa Tom decided to get a race track (K-man wants his Kansas cousin to visit and help race the cars!). K-girl and Nana Kristi picked out a periwinkle (not purple) sewing machine.

K-girl and Nana sewing up a storm!

New changing pad for my diaper bag :)

new purse

A heart decoration/hot pad

K-man's new race track

I took some snow pictures of the house to post on Friday, but we have gotten another foot or so of snow since then. I will have to take new pictures tomorrow and have a snow and skiiing post tomorrow. :)

We decided that MN has 2 seasons: SNOW and NO SNOW! We are eagerly looking forward to our few months of no snow.