Monday, February 15, 2010

Andes Tower Hills Skiing

We had a great week with my parents! We live so far away from family that we always appriciate when they can travel up our direction (hint, hint!).

For our final day of fun Nana and Papa took the big K kids ice staking and then down hill skiing. K-man and K-girl had a wonderful time skiing and are looking forward to doing it again! Last time we went they spent quite a bit of time on the bunny hill. This time after a couple of trips down the bunny hill to warm up we spent the remainder of the day on the big chair lifts. They had two really nice green (easy) runs for the kids to do.

The ski group Carrie, K-girl, Kristi, K-man and Tom

Papa Tom and K-man

Nana Kristi and K-girl

K-girl on the chair lift.

Shawn and I even managed a couple of runs by ourselves while the grandparents had the 4 K kids in the lodge (aren't they wonderful!).

On Saturday, we were sad to see my parents go home, but I did get to enjoy a wonderful day in Fargo shopping by myself :)

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