Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy early B-day for K-man and K-girl

After a harrowing week of all of us going through the stomach flu we were just glad we survived the week. My parents had been planning on flying commercially to Fargo on Friday to help me with the kids, but we gave them an extra night in a hotel so we could fully recover and degerm the house. We were glad when the weather didn't delay or cancel their flight and we were all able to get healthy in time for their visit.

Shawn was supposed to spend the week at a conference in Washington D.C. which is why my parents decided to fly up and help me out with the kids. Well, the weather went crazy in D.C. and Shawn's flight was cancelled so we are glad he got to stay home and play with us this week too. He even managed to get another snow day today and went bowling with us. :)

I guess my parents will have to come up again some other time to help me out again although a 4 adults/4 kids ratio isn't a bad thing.

We decided to celebrate the big K's birthdays early with my parents so they could see the kids enjoying their presents. The kids both have birthdays in March, but we rarely celebrate on the day since our families live so far away. My mom's birthday is in late January and my father's b-day is tomorrow so we are throwing a big birthday bash this week with skiing, bowling, ice skating, sledding and maybe some cake too.

Both kids picked out a special toy while we were shopping in Fargo. K-man and Papa Tom decided to get a race track (K-man wants his Kansas cousin to visit and help race the cars!). K-girl and Nana Kristi picked out a periwinkle (not purple) sewing machine.

K-girl and Nana sewing up a storm!

New changing pad for my diaper bag :)

new purse

A heart decoration/hot pad

K-man's new race track

I took some snow pictures of the house to post on Friday, but we have gotten another foot or so of snow since then. I will have to take new pictures tomorrow and have a snow and skiiing post tomorrow. :)

We decided that MN has 2 seasons: SNOW and NO SNOW! We are eagerly looking forward to our few months of no snow.

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