Thursday, February 18, 2010

K-man got "carried" away!

We have been busy working through our new math books from Math-u-See. This week K-man was working on adding and estimating numbers in the hundreds. He is also working on understanding the concept of carrying numbers from one place value to another. We got talking about BIG numbers and he decided he wanted to try adding bigger numbers. We LOVE Math-u-See, it makes math concepts so easy to understand and teach to your children. I don't see us using any other math program.


Our favorite spot to do math. Notice that K-baby has to in on all the action too!

K-baby's favorite spot during school in the classroom. Boy, do I wish she didn't like pencils, but at least it isn't a marker. :)


  1. KMan is so SMART!!I can't believe how he has caught on in math. Can't wait to see you all.

  2. WOW!! KMan is super smart!

    Katie likes to color "cut" too and also prefers pens and pencils. She makes me nervous!

  3. Hi Carrie! What MUS book is your son on? Mine is still in Alpha, but it's finally starting to click! His jaw would drop if he saw that picture!

  4. Sarah, He just started Beta in January. He started Alpha last year and carried it over for the first half of 1st grade. he loves math and science so he is always wanting to do those subjects. (he gets that from his dad)