Monday, March 1, 2010

Gymnastics Show

K-girl and K-sis had a wonderful time at their first gymnastics meet! I took a ton of short movie clips for K-girls performance and put them together in a movie for her to watch. She has only asked to watch it about a million time already. :) Her group is called the beginners and is for ages 6-12 year olds (she is only 4) so she is on the short side of her class. Most of the girls in the beginners have taken the class a couple of times already and can even go two times a week. We also had a bunch of snow storms come through on Mondays so she only was able to go to class 3 times so far.

K-girl's gymnastics movie

K-sis's gymnastics movie

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  1. Wow, what talented girls!! I do believe a see Nadia Komanich in the making of these two. Luv the 'nastics videos Mom!! Thanks.....