Saturday, March 20, 2010

Horse riding lessons

The kids were wild with excitement when Nana Yvette announced that K-man and K-girl were going to get horse riding lessons as part of their birthday present. We have a wonderful indoor arena and horse facility 5 minutes from our house called Red Horse Ranch. They have all sorts of horse events year round and many of them are free to attend (K-girl thinks this is heaven for sure!). We were so lucky, they had WONDERFUL teachers (and horses) who were great with the kids. The kids can't wait to go back again.

My little cowpokes!

Nana and Papa with the cowgirl and cowboy

K-sis enjoyed hanging out on the side lines, but mentioned that maybe next time she might try riding a horse. :)

waiting for the lessons to start

The local cowpoke.

K-girl cleaning the hooves on her horse pistol.

K-man, his teacher Andrew and horse Bingo.

K-girl mounting :)

K-man mounting

The kids during their lesson.


K-man doing an "around the world" on his horse. They were working on balance and reining this time so they had the kids turn all the way around in the saddle.

The kids and their teachers.


All done, K-girl leading her horse out of the arena.

K-man is done too.

Taking off the saddle and blanket.

K-girl brushing her horse after her lesson. She was smiling from ear to ear when she got done.

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  1. They did great riding! K sis can ride they said for the last 10 minutes, but is too young for a lesson. :(