Friday, March 19, 2010

Is it Christmas again???

Nope, just another birthday party at the Papon house! Shawn's parents arrived on Sunday evening and were able to stay and play until Thursday. They came with a big load of gifts for this kids.

Last week we had at least two feet of snow on the ground and were wondering if spring would ever arrive. Our temperatures have finally warmed up and almost all of our snow was melted by the time Shawn's parents arrived. I'm sure they were glad because they had been enjoying some warm temperatures at home.

Here are some picturs of the Papon's visit in no particular order.

K girls all snuggling with papa on the couch.

K-girl and K-man looking at their birthday cake. They each picked out a few toys to add. K-man added the tractor and K-girl picked out the horses.

K-baby in the new dolly bed.

All the k-kids getting ready for the present extravaganza!

K-girl showing off her cart wheel at gymnastics class.

We gained a new student this week for our homeschool. Papa was super helpful when it came around to science class.

K-man's new tractor quilt. Nana Yvette pieced the top and Nana Kristi Quilted the layers. He was excited to have a new quilt that both of his nanas helped to create.

Donuts for breakfast.

play dough

K-girl sporting all the gear a cowgirl could ever need. I think we already have Halloween covered for this year.

K-man opening his gifts, this was a pair of John Deere boots.

more present opening

k-baby and papa
The next post will be of the kids horse riding lessons! That deserves its own post!

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