Wednesday, March 10, 2010

K-girl turns 5


We had another busy couple of days at the Papon household! Wednesdays are always crazy for us so we started K-girl's birthday celebration on Tuesday.

Her BIG news for Tuesday was that she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! She thought she was hot stuff, especially since she could claim she learned to do this when she was only 4 (even though she was one day away from being 5). She didn't start out biking like a wild man (like K-man did), but she did a super job considering that she has only been riding her bike 3 or 4 times since last fall. I was the official "runner" this year, keeping close in-case she needed help. Lets just say she loved to practice braking so we had a lot of stops and starts. I have decided that the best thing about learning to bike this time of year is that it is cold enough to wear all of your snow gear (great for padding in-case of crashing on cement). She only tipped over once and ran into daddy once while he was video taping so it was a very successful first 2 wheel experience.

big bro and sis on their 2 wheels

One proud mama!

All of my kids love to help out in the kitchen so when it came time to bake for K-girl's birthday she HAD to help. She even has her own stash of cookbooks! After deciding on animal cupcakes, we searched the Internet for one that mom could handle making that didn't require buying 20 different types of decoration for the topping. :) K-girl was very excited because she was going to get to take her cupcakes to share with all of her cubbie friends at AWANAS (which just happened to be on her b-day!).

We always work with lots of chefs in our kitchen.

decorating is hard work

Ta-Da! Butterfly cupcakes

We also decided to go out for her b-day dinner early (since we eat at church on Wed. nights) and K-girl chose to eat at Pizza Ranch. When we got back home she got to open all of her gifts and even let her little sisters help with one or two! They were all really hyped up that evening and definitely didn't want to go to bed.

Her favorite gift was her new pink golf set.


When her actual birthday rolled around we had lots of fun activities planned (along with all of our normal stuff).

We started our Wednesday out with K-girl's breakfast request - French Toast.

K-baby ate all her french toast and decided to get her second rounds with her brother.

Science - we are currently studying our bodies and this is the playing after we completed the experiment to show how much air we can store in our lungs. Straws and water, what else could a kid need?

After doing some school stuff we had to take a break to go get K-girl's hair cut. She was excited to have Ms. Trisha cut her hair because she is actually our neighbor and she likes to play with her boy who is in kindergarten this year.
Ms. Trisha and K-girl

When we got back home all the girls did toe/finger nails, lip gloss and even hairdos. This was K-girl's first time to get her finger nails painted because she decided to stop sucking her thumb when she turned 5 (we will see how this goes??). She was always afraid she would suck off the polish.
After taking K-sis to gymnastics and daddy got home we checked out our rock tumbler (a whole different blog topic) and ate cupcakes. We ate dinner at church along with more cupcakes, games, crafts and singing. I love it on Wednesday because they are so worn out they fall asleep when their heads hit the pillows!

K-man at AWANAS during game time.

My sweet girls holing hands during game time! K-sis likes to stick close to her best friend, her sister.

The cubbies class enjoying K-girl's cupcakes.

Whew! After this week, I deserve a break. I am looking forward to story time at the library tomorrow, a facial at a spa on Saturday (a gift from my wonderful hubby for V-day), and then my in-laws arrive for another week of partying on Sunday.

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  1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter. Can't wait to see you and my other K-kids. See you very, very, soon.