Monday, March 8, 2010

K-man is 7 years old!

We had a wonderful birthday with K-man on Saturday! It is hard to believe that 7 years have already past flown past. It always amazes me each year as we celebrate how fast they grow and change. I am glad that God has blessed our family with four wonderful children, especially a caring, older brother that watches out for his sisters.

When I asked K-man what he wanted his cake to be this year he decided on race cars because the last few cakes were tractors, trains and airplanes. I guess we are working our way through all types of transportation! He also knows a few other NASCAR crazy people in his extended family. After deciding on a cake theme, we searched the Internet together and then K-man designed his cake after one that he liked. He impressed me by doing most of the work on the cake himself.
Eating out at McD's with gift cards from Nana Kristi. The big K kids each had their OWN gift card to pay with.
Papa Tom loves talking with K-man about NASCAR and bought him a Jeff Gordon shirt.

The K-crew bowling for K-man's birthday. We got to do cosmic bowling (aka. loud, dark with disco lights) and the kids loved it. The oldest 3 K's can tote their own ball up to the ramp and shove it down so they are pretty self sufficient!

K-man bowling. They love using the ramp about half of the time and K-girl's final score even tied with me this time (yeah, I'm not a good bowler). Shawn, of course was the winner, even with his injured back and all. I will have to stick with Wii bowling :)
K-man working on his cake. He drew out a picture of what he wanted the cake before he started and then wanted to all of the work himself. Someday his wife appreciate his cooking as much as we do.

Putting the finishing touches on his cake.

K-baby loves cake!
We even had time to do some painting on a few special projects that can't be shown because they are going to be Christmas gifts. It's never to early to be planning for Christmas right?? Even dad got in on the action, but I think Yvette's artistic talent might have skipped a generation (sorry honey, but you did do some wonderful polka-dots).

The girls painting.

K-man and K-girl were super excited to go to Home Depot and do a cool woodworking project with Dad! It worked out great because they got to create hot wheel car holders.
We were busy all day long and everyone fell into bed exhausted that night.This was our second party for these two and we have two more to go with K-girl's birthday on Wednesday and Nana and Papa Papon arriving to celebrate on Sunday! The kids love having grandparents coming to stay for the week to play. We are so glad that we both have parents who love to travel and visit us (and the kids). I'm also excited about the surprise that Nana Yvette has planned for her visit and I haven't even spilled the beans yet!!! 6 days and counting.

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  1. Looks like an absolutely great birthaday KMan---Can't wait to see you sunday!!! Hugs and kisses to you and all my K-kids....