Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOTS of work and some play too!

We always seem to be busy around our house. Even without the older 2 K-kids this week (they are at Nana and Papa's house) we had lots of things going on. I am missing my older 2 helpers, but I am glad they are getting in some quality time with their grandparents.

K-sis is enjoying her chance to be the big kid and loves that we are doing only girl things this week. :) Lets just say anything pink and princess is the happening thing this week!
Daddy and K-sis working on a "suprise" in the backyard. More pictures to come next week after the big kids get to see the suprise.

A FEW pictures just in case you thought I wouldn't have any "trouble" this week with only 2 kids around.

Trouble organizing the shoe closet.

Trouble helping with the computer.

Trouble climbing our baby gate.

Trouble in the tub!

Trouble coming down the stairs.

You turn your back for 1 second and she is gone!

We had LOTS of work to do...
K- baby watching the water spray on the windows during our van wash.

Enjoying a bx of Fleet Farm popcorn during our van wash.

K-sis likes to help fold and put laundry away (even if it doesn't end up folded by the timeshe reaches her destination.)

Even a dancer/gymnist/princess has to eat sometime.

Letter K made with playdough.

K-sis and I made home-made glittery princess playdough and she got to pick all the colors.

K-baby playing with playdough and the containers. She loves to play with playdough and hasn't ate any yet.

Special K-sis notebook for school. We worked on numbers, the letters in her name, phone number, and address. Anything that she completed this week we put in a special three ring binder so she can keep looking through it

bones puzzle

K-baby giving kisses to her horse.

Story time at the library.

K-sis swimming at the Y with mommy.

K-baby and her favorite ball.

Book time with dad.

We enjoyed a bike ride around Lake Alice with the little munchkins in the bike trailer.

Playing outside


  1. Looks like you have TROUBLE - at your house with a capital T.... My word, what a little rascal!

  2. I bet the kids are loving their new playset with this nice weather! Katie really liked watching Dee Dee go down the stairs.