Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We heard it was starting to feel like spring... Kansas.

Our families are all in Kansas and have been calling to tell us how wonderful the weather is down there. You know, it's sunny, 60 degrees...blah, blah, blah.

Well, we were pretty excited about our 30 degree weather this week and decided to play outside! Aunt Staci and our nephew have been out biking and walking in their beautiful weather so we decided to go on a bike ride MN style and have a little time playing in the front yard.

K-sis playing in the snow fort. The sides of the fort are actually taller than she is.

K-baby LOVES being outside! She also heads towards the street any chance she gets. This may be one long summer.

All the K's in the fort.

K-baby riding in the wagon for our walk.

The big K kids heading down the street. I'm sure you are noticing all the snow piles, but the street was mostly ice free (down the middle anyways). I'm just glad we live on a quiet dead end street.

Guess who didn't want to come inside????

Of course we had to end our day with some Hot Chocolate from Aunt Theresa. YUMMY!

K-girl iceskating. She is using the stroller in this video, but she skated most of the time without it and did a great job. K-man went with us iceskating too and he had fun racing me across the hockey rink. He would skate forward and I would skate backwards. He even beat me about half the time.

MN winter is fun, but I'm ready to see the grass again, even if it is brown. :)


  1. We haven't hit 60 yet, but we're enjoying 50. I was hoping to go on some walks, but the Dr says to wait. Hopefully when I get the go ahead, it'll still be since! I hope your warmer weather continues also!

    Bugs has the same rxn as Dee Dee when we make her come inside.

  2. Wow, I can see the street and not totally snowpacked!!! We're excited to head north soon.. it's been a long time since Christmas! Hope the weather continues to warm up to 35 or 40....maybe its a sign of spring!!