Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Summer time activities!

We have been BUSY outside with all of our wonderful weather! You would think that the inside of our house would be totally clean since we have been outside so much, but somehow the dirt is still finding its way into the house. The kids have been dropping in to bed each night exhausted. :) LOTS of pictures!
Of course school is outside. K-girl enjoys reading to us while we are in the playset fort.

K-girl in her basketball outfit ;)

playing at the park

75 degrees in MN = sprinkler weather. The boy on the left is our new neighbor.

We found a few minutes to plant half of the garden this weekend and everyone got to help. We may have to do some thinning out.

K-baby loves my oven mit :)

K-girl and Pistol

K-man and his horse Charlie at his second lesson.

K-man and Abby

K-girl and Abby

K-girl practicing her vaulting!

K-sis had her last gymnastics class.

K-man planting herbs.

K-girl planting her strawberry plants.

Daddy took the big 3 K's fishing! The caught lots of plastic (pretend) fish, but had lots of fun.

The girls working on the shed project.

New bricks in front of our storage shed.


  1. My goodness you guys have been busy! It looks like you're having great weather and so much fun! Katie likes seeing pictures of Dee Dee. (Oven mits are fun toys at our house too!)

  2. The pictures are all great! Wish I could be there playing too!!! Summer is FUN!!

  3. We're ready to fly the cessna to go to MN and see the new grandpuppy!!