Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our new swing set is complete!

Shawn, the kids and I worked over a week long period to finish our new wooden playset for our backyard. Shawn put in a lot of time working on it after work and then this past weekend we all spent most of our time out "helping" dad finish up. The kids have been out there constantly (even while we were building it!) enjoying our wonderful spring weather.

We looked at Home Depot, some other stores and on-line for pre-made kits and then decided to do our own thing. I wouldn't have been able to do it, but Shawn has built lots of things while helping his dad out on the farm so he knew what to do.

We were also hoping to save some $ and build one in our budget. We spent about $275 on wood and the playset parts cost $220. So our final total was $495!! Not bad for a swingset that is strong enough to be a storm shelter. :) Just kidding honey.

We may add a monkey bars and gymnastic bar later, but so far the kids are enjoying it as is.

The final product!

Sitting on their custom bench seat in the play house.

The restaurant serving bar. :) They have already served many happy customers rocks and sand.

The ladder that mommy built! We may add climbing rocks to this later, but I didn't want anything on it to trip K-baby up when she is climbing.

K-girl steering the ship which is in the top fort section.

Our wave slide. Shawn had to raise it about a foot to make it a little less lethal.
Overall, I was pretty proud of Shawn for planning this project and completing it in such a short time span. The kids sure owe daddy a few kisses and hugs in the weeks to come. Now I think the pressure is on Uncle Eric to get his up! Wish we could help.
They also managed a small project of putting patio stones in front of the storage unit, which is usually just a mud whole.
Don't you want to come play with the k-kids on their new toy??


  1. Definitely, looks like a lot of fun. I'm really interested in the eating area. What a great playset!!

  2. You guys did a great job! I bet the kids will spend many hours on it this summer. Kelton is excited to get to work on ours. I think next month the boys plan to get it done over a weekend.