Sunday, June 27, 2010

Berry Delicious

We FINALLY made it to the berry patch on Saturday morning.

We wanted to go last weekend when they opened, but I had a ladies bike ride event that I went to on Saturday morning. By the time we were ready to go pick berries after lunch, we called and they were all picked over for the day. :( But, I had a fantastic time biking with some ladies from church to Dalton and back for breakfast. Hopefully we will do it again soon!

Shawn finally got his boat license and numbers on his boat and he tried to take the kids fishing. It ended up being too windy by the time they made it to the lake, but they had fun trying from the shore. I wanted fish to fry, but I think Shawn was relieved that he didn't have to clean fish tonight. He is planning on taking the kids and his parents out sometime this week while they are visiting, so they won't have to wait too long before they get to try again.

The K girls sitting in daddy's boat. I bought this boat for Shawn a couple of years ago at a garage sale...I think he is going to need a bigger one to haul all of us in it. :)

Mom and K-sis picking berries. We had wonderful cloud cover, great temperatures and a slight breeze (as you can tell by my hair). Shawn took this picture so you could see the cool wetland at the berry farm.

K-sis sampling the product.

K-girl picking strawberries. She did a great job this year and actually picked quite a few.

K-man was our ultimate berry picker and didn't want to stop when our buckets were full. He kept yelling out "jackpot" when ever he found a big group of strawberries.

K-baby managed to pick a few berries and not to many of them were green, but her favorite thing to do was squeeze the strawberries between her fingers. She didn't want to eat any, but she loved the dessert I made later in the day.

Our strawberry stash was 5 big icecream buckets! We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

This is 4 of our 5 buckets of strawberries. I was already cleaning up the first bucket when I remembered to take a picture for the blog.

K-sis enjoying a big slice of strawberry short cake I made from a recipe off the Heavenly Homemakers website. She has wonderful recipes and they are all healthy and delicious.

K-baby finished her piece of cake and then helped 2 of her siblings eat theirs too!

K-girl is my healthy no dip girl and ate her dessert with just bread and strawberries.

I hulled most of the strawberries and froze them on cookie sheets and then transfered them to freezer bags. I ended up with 4 FULL gallon freezer bags of strawberries and we are taking Shawn's parents later this week, so I'm sure I will have even more. We love strawberries in our smoothies!

K-man loves to cook and helped me make strawberry jam. Anytime my kids hear noises coming from the kitchen they all come running to help cook. K-man is a whiz at helping read the recipes, stirring hot pots on the stove and anything else I can think of to keep him busy.
This was my first time actually canning something! EVER! We got a whole lot of dishes dirty and the counters, floor and clothing too. Last year I we made freezer jelly and I was shocked that the recipe called for 2 cups strawberries and 4 CUPS SUGAR! I thought if I made my own jelly it would be healthier, but 4 cups, WOW!
This year I found a wondeful canning and freezing book at my local library called Canning and Freezing without Sugar. She has some wonderful recipes in it and I can't wait to try them. We used the strawberry jam recipe today and it called for 2 cups strawberries and 1/2 cup honey. It tasted great and the kids loved it too! Now I'm excited to can some of our produce we get from Bluebird Gardens and the farmers market this summer.

I did run out of liquid pectin for my healthy recipe and decided to do some unhealthy freezer jam to use up my powdered pectin from last year, so K-girl helped me out with that recipe.

Our final product 6 jars of Strawberry Jam and 5 jars freezer jelly.
Now I just have to clean my house before the in-laws arrive on Tuesday! They wouldn't mind if my house was a disaster, but I like for things to look good when they arrive.


  1. I'm going to do the white glove test :) ha!!! Can't wait to see you all and try out the yummy jam....

  2. You all look so sweet in your matching red shirts! I wish we were coming to visit too since we missed out on strawberries this year! We'd love a jar of your jam if you have any to spare when you come back to visit. I have another box of stuff for you to trade!

    My freezer jam is 4 cups fruit to 1.5 cups sugar (I use organic) and powdered pectin. I can't imagine using 4 cups of sugar for only 2 cups of fruit! That must make some REALLY sweet jam!