Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life is flying by

We have been so busy doing all of our spring activities I haven't had time to blog lately. It also didn't help that I had to mail my laptop off for 4 days this past week to get fixed. I don't think I could live without wireless internet anymore, so I was very happy to have my laptop back by Friday.

We started our week off with 3 t-ball games. 2 for K-man and K-girl's first ever t-ball game.

K-man LOVES t-ball (even though he isn't smiling here). He has been eagerly awaiting t-ball season all winter long. This year he is on the Pirates!

All four kids played for hours in their small tent in the front yard. I wish I could say I was doing something useful during this time, but I was enjoying myself and reading a library book.

This weekend we attended Fergus Falls' summer fest. We had a great time even though it was raining most of the time. I don't know what it is about large animal statues, but this area seems to have plenty. Here are the kids posing in front of the prairie chicken.

K-man enjoying the blow-up obstacle course.

K-girl and K-sis on the jumper. K-sis had fun once we could get her in!

Watching the festivities

Creating our Home Depot crafts in the rain. :) I had the big 3 kids with me and I was very happy when one of the workers offered his help to finish our projects. (K-baby was taking a nap and daddy was busy doing bills)

K-girl and K-man riding their bikes in the parade. We should have done more streamers, but we ran out of time. The kids also want to throw out candy next year while riding their bikes, so we may have to practice that at home this coming year.

Enjoying our wonderful salad from Blue Bird Gardens. We have been having fantastic weather! Most days it has been getting up in the mid 70s.

Every Thursday there is a concert at the park on town and we are always reading to get out and here some good local music. This first week was a Reggae Band that performed last year and was one of our favorites.

Lots of people at the concert (and about twice as many not in the photo sitting further back).

Posing for Kelton in front of the race car. We have a dirt race track in town that K-man has been wanting to go to. I think they have races every Friday. This car was sponsored by the zoo.
Shawn volunteered to work a few hours at a special day at the Chahinkapa Zoo. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had 4 different booths with activities that you could participate in while at the zoo. We attended and toured the zoo while Shawn was working his booth about hummingbirds. The kids were excited when we can up to do the craft at daddy's booth. :)
Otters at the Chahinkapa Zoo. This is our closest zoo and is only 30 minutes away in North Dakota.

The kids using an apple, peanut butter and pretzels to make a butterfly at the zoo. We loved this snack and will do it again this summer.

Shawn and K-baby in the duck exhibit.

We even got a free ride on the carousel outside the zoo sponsored by Thrivant Financial. This carousel was made in the 20s and was beautiful.

Our second week of CSA (community supported agriculture). The pink/white radishes were awesome and that head of lettuce was about 5 of my hands big (it was HUGE). Luckily, some of our friends decided to split our share with us, so we only had to eat half of this produce this week. We have a little bit of lettuce left and some spinach for smoothies to eat tomorrow. We get our next delivery on Tuesday.
I forgot to take a picture of the farm fresh eggs I bought from a lady North of town. She advertised on craigslist and even delivered to my house for $2/dozen. This was my first ever purchase from craigslist. Shawn also has a source for eggs at his work, so we may try that out next week. The kids were excited to see the brown and blue eggs from the chickens.

K-girl in her Cubs uniform. It thunder stormed all night long all the way up to about an hour before her game so we were excited when they didn't cancel. It was a mud pit, but she didn't get as muddy as some of the boys. Getting a girl ready for t-ball was different that getting K-man ready, he doesn't care what he wears. K-girl had to have just the right shirt to go under her uniform. She also wanted to have her shirt tucked in so it looked nicer.

We also attended the barrel bash rodeo Saturday for an hour and then Sunday before church. The kids got to see LOTS of horses and the best part is that it's FREE. We have already scoped out an event to attend when Nana Yvette and Papa Bruce visit in July.

Boy am I looking forward to this next week. Shawn has 2 softball games, we have 3 t-ball games, storytime, tractor pull....and who knows what else we will find to keep ourselved busy.


  1. Great fun!! and your produce looks wonderful - we'll bring you guys what we can! :)

  2. What a fun and exciting weekend! KGirl needs some ribbons for her hair to match her uniform!