Friday, June 25, 2010

Smores, Rain, VBS and Tigers!

We ended our weekend with some of the neighbors roasting smores in our backyard.
K-girl playing t-ball. She is on the Cubs.

K-man hitting the ball. This picture was from our newspaper's website.

K-girl's team. She wanted her shirt tucked in. :)

K-man's team...they were to quick for me to get a good picture. Oh well.

Shawn and k-sis trying to stay dry at one of the games. I think it rained at all 3 of our games this week.

K-baby loves t-ball as long as she has a snack.

All the kids made their own pizza. They love to help out in the kitchen.

This was our half of CSA share. The peas were all eaten raw by the end of the first day! Everything tasted delicious.

K-man with his VBS group doing crafts. This is where I got to help out.

K-girl waiting for her VBS to start.

All the kids and adults getting ready to sing. I think they had over 150 kids this year.

k-sis and k-baby in daddy's office chair

The BIG map. This map is right outside of Shawn's office so the kids are always looking at it. K-man would tell you that daddy fixed all the green, yellow and red parts and is working to make all the white part colored too.

Daddy's office

All the family at the circus. K-girl wasn't in top shape, but they all loved it.

White tigers which was K-baby's favorite, but I think all the other kids loved the clown the best.

K-baby enjoying her cotton candy! Too bad mommy forgot the wipes, but dad got her all cleaned up before bedtime.
We didn't get to the strawberry picking or fishing, but hopefully if the weather cooperates we will get it all in this weekend.

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  1. Good Grief ! I can't get over how much DeeDee is changing!!!!! She looks like a little girl instead of a toddler :( Guess they do grow up! So HOT here! It is so HOT here!!!! Will be good to head north to the cool 80's. :)