Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trouble has returned!

I'm sure you all know how perfect my kids are! I love all my kids to pieces even if they keep me hopping. This last one sure is a monkey. I think she has to keep up with all her siblings.

Trouble reorganizing my shelves above the couch.

Trouble climbing daddy's bags of dirt. These were good for hours of entertainment!

Trouble in the bathroom. She steps up on the kid's step and then uses the top of the cabinet door to climb up.

Trouble just being cute! For some reason she thought this kitchen rug was a blanket.

Trouble in her big sister's snow boots. For some reason ALL three of my girls have been wearing snow boots, rain boots and cowboy boots everyday.
Whew, now I think I lay back down on the couch and eat some more bon-bons.


  1. She doesn't look like TROUBLE but just a little ONERY!! Maybe we should call her MONKEY!! What cute pics.....

  2. I know I have to come up with a new nickname for her on the blog since she is getting so big. Monkey just might be it.

  3. Katie LOVED seeing all the pictures of Dee Dee! She certainly looks like a little monkey! I love her curls! The girls are going to have so much fun playing next time we're together!!