Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yard Work is looking good!

We have been having wonderful weather and enjoying lots of time outside. The kids have been running around with all of our neighborhood kids. Abby must be benefiting from the warm weather and fresh air because she is growing like a weed!

I have been wanting to do some landscaping work since when we moved in last May, but we had some other projects that took priority. We finally got the front yard completed this weekend!

When we moved in we had 4 overgrown evergreen bushes and one small leafy bush in the front yard. They didn't look too bad, but I had this cute seasons sign that I wanted to hang up from my wonderful friend Heather. The only place that it looked good was behind the tall bush next to the garage so I had Shawn cut it down. Then he decided to cut all the other bushes down and haul them all off at the same time. Our house was a little sad looking this past year with only one lonely bush in the front yard.

picture of the house before...not too bad, but I really didn't like the bushes.

SO....I hit up the local garden club sale and picked up a bunch of different plants to add to the front planters. I had the easy part. Shawn ended up doing most of the hard work. We didn't realize that the previous owners had put decorative rock down 6 inches deep all along the front of the house. We love the rock, but it wasn't any fun to dig in!!! Shawn and the kids did a great job and I am proud of the results.

Shawn and his work crew (including the dog on the front steps).

The planter between the front door and the driveway. It is hard to see some of the smaller plants in this picture, but it looks beautiful in person. :)

The other planter that is in front of the girls' rooms. I would like to do a curved edge someday, but we didn't have the time, energy or money to do any MAJOR changes this year.

All the helpers. These pots are on a special hanger that is on the far garage wall. They will look great if I can remember to water them.

Our beautiful garden! It is growing like crazy and I can't wait to taste the raspberries! K-man has been weeding, watering and turning the compost pile for us.


  1. Love all the garden helpers.. and the garden looks great!!

  2. Abby is getting big and your front yard looks great! Tell your helpers they all did a wonderful job...and Shawn too!!

    I didn't know you got a composter. We love ours. It's Kelton's job to turn it too.

  3. I wish we had a real composter, but right now we just throw everything in a corner of the garden and Kolsen turns it with a shovel. :) I should add that to my someday I need list.