Monday, July 5, 2010

The kids loved the 4th of July holiday this year! Besides having Nana and Pap with us all week we finished out the weekend with lighting our own fireworks, a spectacular show in Wahpeton, ND and a little fishing and swimming at the lake. I think I have decided that I love when Shawn has Monday off because you get to have fun all weekend and then get a bonus day when you feel like work should be starting again. :)

Watching the fireworks in the driveway.

The kids enjoyed running out to put the fireworks on the driveway. I know it is still daylight out, but we had to light our fireworks early so we could make it to the show in Wahpeton.

K-sis love the big ones that looked like sparkling, falling water.

Shawn and Abby on their first boat ride.

Abby LOVED the water at the lake.

Our family after swimming at the lake.

K-man and K-girl loved going out where they couldn't touch.

K-girl's catch

K-man's big fish.

I forgot to add this picture to the last post, but this is Bruce, K-girl and K-man at the Friday night races which happen only a few miles from our house. They have a big dirt race track and do races all summer every Friday night. K-man loved it and is looking forward to attending NASCAR this fall with his two Papas, dad, uncle Eric and Cousin Kelton.
This video was the finale of the fireworks show in Wahpeton. This town is about a 30 minute drive for us and the town only has about 13,000 people. We enjoyed watching the end of the baseball game between Wahpeton and Breakenridge while eating root beer floats before the real show began. This is definitely going to be our MN 4th of July Tradition.


  1. I love it when Eric has off work on a Monday also. Just makes the whole weekend seem more relaxing for some reason.

    Kelton is super excited for Nascar this fall as well! Go Kyle Busch!

  2. Weird, I swear I'm leaving comments and they're not showing up.

  3. Thanks for the Fireworks video! It's the only fireworks I've seen. We had a lot of fun this week - thank you!