Monday, July 5, 2010

One Wild Week!

This week Nana and Papa Papon came up to visit. Of course we put them right to work, picking raspberries and strawberries, canning cucumbers, putting new sand in the sand box.....we did find time to have a little fun while they were visiting so it wasn't all work. They ended up having to leave early because of some bad weather, but we squeezed in as much fun as we possible could.
Some of the pictures are out of order, but you'll get the general idea.
K-man, K-girl and Nana picking raspberries.

All the product that we needed to eat this week. Those are Bruce and Yvette's Kansas cucumbers, zuchini, squash and potatoes. Our small bowl of raspberries and our weekly share from Bluebird Gardens. I think we had a good start on eating healthy this week. It is Monday now (and we get a new box share on Tuesday) and we have eaten or canned every thing except the squash, potatoesa and zuchini. I am planning on making some zuchini bread tomorrow and having grilled veggies on the grill for dinner tomorrow night.

We did find some time for fun stuff too. K-man and K-sis are always ready to talk anyone near them to play a game of catch.

This is k-baby's favorite perch on the playset. Usually she has her feet up in the air up by her belly. So far she hasn't fallen down, but it gives me a small heart attack every time she does it.

K-girl, Papa and Abby enjoying some rest time on our hammock.

Nana and the girls playing in the restaurant.

Nana and K-sis throwing together a strawberry pie. YUM! Yvette cooks like I do, between all the cooking and canning we did this week the kitchen was a total disaster.

K-man working on bagging Nana's frozen berries.

All our beautiful strawberry jam. I had some today on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it tasted great.

mmmmm....pie. :)

Of course Nana came bearing lots of gifts. The kids all got a couple of cute outfits and papa bought the big girls each a craft set which everyone enjoyed putting together. I'm glad that I have such wonderful in-laws who love my family! I love having them around and am proud to think of them as my second set of parents.

Papa, Shawn and K-man worked on adding 30 new bags of sand to our depleted sand box. I think most of the old sand is under the playset or in the grass. ;)

Church at the park. They had 10 different churches this year and I couldn't believe how many people turned out despite the weather.

Nana and K-sis picking strawberries.

I think they may have worked hard!

Papa helping the big kids with some school work on the front step.

Nana and Papa watching k-man play t-ball. They were able to watch both kids play a game this week. Notice all the girl's new matching shirts.

K-baby enjoying some pool time. We have been having some wonderful weather.

Yvette brought up a whole box of cucumbers for us to make into pickles. We had a fun time deciding on a recipe and canning all the jars. It got a little hot and smelling, but we finished 2 batches and used them all up.

K-sis and Nana enjoying the music at the park.

daddy and k-baby at the park

Papa and K-sis sharing dinner at the park concert.

Nana and K-girl even found some time to sew a new purse.

All the k-kids saying by to Nana and Papa before they flew home.

watching the parade

K-baby waving at all the floats. Her favorite candy is suckers so she was in hog heaven!

The kids all had matching 4th of July outfits that I bought them. We are planning on taking pictures later this summer with the other 3 Kansas K-kids and they have the same outfits too. Getting all 4 kids to look and smile at the camera at the same time is a major miracle.

Abby cooperated for about 2 seconds.




I didn't capture a picture of K-baby, she must have been running too fast.


  1. Looks like you guys had a super fun and busy busy time! We can't wait to see you guys this later this summer!

    The kids look great in their outfits! After my mom spied those for Kelton and Katie, I was so thrilled to find Konnor's little outfit and super happy that Walmart is nation wide so we could all match!! Thank goodness Yvette and I were able to find the sizes you couldn't! Who doesn't love Walmart!?!

  2. Whew, no wonder we were tired!Lots of fun activities. I was lucky on the way home though and napped while Bruce was busy being the pilot! Made me tired at 9000 ft. I need to blog but no time! Can't wait till everyone is home in August.