Friday, July 23, 2010


This past Thursday was the last story time for the summer. Instead of a regular story hour they had a special program with "The Bug Guy." Later on I found out this guy is the cousin of our children's pastor at old church in Wisconsin. What a small world.

The room was full of at least 50 people (mostly kids 7 and under) all excited to see bugs and did we see, touch, smell and even TASTE some bugs! I told you it was Library Survivor. I sent the kids in to get spots to sit while I checked out our weekly book stash so, of course, they sat at the very front.

Can you guess which K-kids ate REAL bugs while at the library??? Keep reading to find out the answer.

The Bug Guy

Here are pictures of the kids looking at the biggest caterpillars that grow in MN. He said they could get as big as hot dogs. The kids loved touching them and K-girl even sniffed one to see if it really smelled like a leaf. She said it did and I took her at her word.


K-sis loved holding the caterpillars!

even K-baby got in on the action

K-girl and K-man (wish I would have gotten a picture of her sniffing the caterpillar, but my camera batteries weren't working right.
These huge caterpillars turn into moths which the kids got to hold and pass around. He had them in lunch box coolers to keep them cold so they wouldn't be as active.


What do you think all these kids are SOOOO eager to look at????

cockroaches from Madagascar and millipedes

None of the K-kids were brave enough to hold the cockroaches (I wouldn't do it either), but the did touch them while they were in a box.

Did I mention survivor???? Well, can you guess which K-kids ate real bugs while at the library?
K-girl holding a meal worm right before eating it. Don't worry it was cheese flavored and "crunchy too."

K-man eating a Mexican Spice flavored meal worm.

I'm sure K-baby would have ate one if I had given one to her, but I didn't. K-sis held one, but wouldn't eat it and I didn't want to do either!

After our library adventure we spent the rest of our morning making rice crispy treats at the hospice house. After we washed our hands really well with lots of soap of course! The kids love cooking at the hospice house and are already asking if we can go back today. Next time we will have to cook something more complex because we were finished with making the treats in about 20 minutes and they wanted to cook something else too.

K-baby sampling the rice crispies.

Since it was so close to lunch by the time we finished up at the hospice house, I decided to treat the kids out to McDonalds. I'm thankful that we live in such a great community where there are some many interesting activties that we can participate in as a family.
Our new friends (adopted grandparents) the Doerings showed up at McDonalds as we were finishing up and chatted with us while we finished up our ice cream. I wish I could have gotten a few pictures of K-sis and K-girl with Mr. Doering, they love him to pieces. Luckily, they only have to wait until tomorrow to see them again because we are going over to their place to enjoy lunch. We met the Doerings at our church when they were teaching K-sis's Sunday school and we are glad that K-baby will be in their class this fall. It is so much easier to leave you kiddo when you know you are leaving them with someone they really like.

What happens after you play hard all day? You fall asleep on the chair while you 3 siblings are running around and making tons of noise.

What a great day! I'm so glad that God has blessed us with 4 wonderful, unique children. I'm also grateful for a husband who loves and supports me in every way. I can already tell this next year of homeschooling is going to be a real adventure.
This blog is my way of sharing my kids with my husband (who works hard everyday) and our families who love our kids dearly, but live so far away. Thanks for your love!


  1. What a day of exploring bugs!!! Actually I'm glad I wasn't there to sample the bugs!! But it was quite an experience for sure!!

  2. Very cool adventure! I knew Kaylee would eat one!! Love that girl!

    You do have 4 pretty amazing children!