Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Day!

We had a crazy Monday!

Shawn was gone for a long day of training at work, leaving at 5:45 a.m. and returning home around 6:30 p.m. He has training for 3 more days this week, so it could get real interesting.

The kids and I started and ended our day at ball games and some how managed to squeeze in a lot of other activities too!

First off on our schedule was K-man's t-ball game where he had some good hits and even helped get an out at first base. He has a great time playing ball.

K-man on 3rd base.
After K-man's t-ball game I loaded up all the k-kids and took them for a mile hike out at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center. We enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch in the shade by one of their beautiful ponds. The kids love going here! Too bad I forgot my camera in the van, but here is how the kids looked when we finished our hike.
All the k-kids
All the girls took naps (even me) and then we played out back in the sandbox and on the swingset.
I have been trying to use up all our veggies in the fridge so of course every meal includes multiple veggie options. Tonight I made a chicken veggie soup and salads with what I had on hand and they tasted great.

We had yummy chicken veggie soup with veggies from our garden, Yvette and Bruce's garden and our CSA share.

I love summer salad and we got some awesome tomatoes from the down town country produce tent. I must have taken this picture before I added the tomatoes.

Then, after dinner our neighbors invited us over for watermelon on their deck! Did I ever say I love summer??
J, K-sis and K-man eating watermelon.
We ended our day watching Shawn play a double header softball game with one of the church's teams (they have 4 different ones). It wouldn't be any big deal but the games were at 8:30 and 9:30 P.M. Since Shawn was gone all day we decided to go to both games. The kids had a great time playing in the dirt, eating popcorn and cheering for daddy. I'm glad we went because Shawn had a great game. He not only hit two triples, but also got a HOME RUN!!! Their team won both games and we all got dirty.

Of course I didn't get the home run on video, but I did get one of the triples. :)

Hopefully tomorrow won't be quite so action packed, but who can say what will happen tomorrow.


  1. Next thing you know, it'll be K-man hitting those home runs just like daddy!

    What a super fun day! Wears me out just reading about it!

  2. That's my boy!! He still loves to swing that bat!! Glad you all got to go play and watch Daddy! Great family fun! I'm ready to go tomorrow - keep me in your prayers! :)