Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School, Homeschool that is!

I'm excited about our new school year to start tomorrow! I can hardly believe that I am going to have a 2nd grader, kindergartner, a pre-preschooler (that's what we call k-sis) and a toddler. We are hoping to iron out our schedule before we leave for a 10 day vacation to KS.

These beautiful children are the reason that I homeschool! I enjoy their innocence, inquisitiveness and even the fighting and whining. We really wanted them to form a tight family/sibling bond with each other and also provide them with a loving/christian environment in which to learn. We also didn't want to send K-man off to school right before we had K-baby. I felt like they wouldn't get the time to know each other and he would miss out on so much if he had to be gone to school all day. We don't know yet how long we will homeschool them, we are taking it a year at a time. I love it so far and homeschooling has been a wonderful fit for our family so far.

This is the area that I used to plan out all of the grand plans that I hope to accomplish this coming school year. Usually this table is covered in my crafting supplies, but I put them away for a while so I could get all my educational resources organized. We have LOTS of stuff to cover this school year!

This is our school/daily schedule. It looks intimidating, but it is really simple. Each hour of the day is broken in to 30 minute segments and each kid (and me) have tasks assigned to each square. This allows me to get to all of the subjects including preschool stuff with k-sis and playtime with K-baby. :) The kids always love it when it says play with k-baby on their school schedule.

I don't follow this schedule to a T, but it gives us a guide as we get things done during the day, keeps me on task, and also allows me to keep the kids going. They don't seem to mind me saying, "look at the schedule," when they ask if it's time for the computer.

These are some of the curriculum books that we are going to read this year. We also have additional curriculum books to cover with our school of choice co-op that I haven't bought yet. Yes, I'm a procrastinator at heart. We also have some science to finish up from last year.

We are changing stuff up a bit this year. This year K-man and K-sis are going to attend the school of choice christian co-op which meets at one of the elementary schools in town. They get to go to school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for about 2 hours for art, p.e. and some science and history. They are focusing on American History this year which fits in perfectly with our curriculum this year, so I'm considering this enrichment.

The co-op is christian based and has two teachers for 25 kids. One of the teachers is our neighbor and our kids love playing together. Both teachers go to our church and so do a couple of the other families that I know. I'm also glad that they allow/love the parents come in to help out at any time.

Each of my "big kids" gets their own file crate. These work great because the kids know where to find their stuff, where to put it when they are done and in what order they need to complete it in. This is kind-of like a workbox system, but more compact. Their files are numbered and they work from number 1 to 10 and complete all the work that is in each file. It's not all hard work either, that red folder is for art.

So wish us luck in our school year! I'm sure all the kids are going to love their teacher and their teacher really does love them too.

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