Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm falling behind

We had a busy Saturday to start off our weekend. Shawn had to work at the Prairie Wetland Center for an hour giving a wildflower tour so we decided to go too and try out all the activities.
Before we went we had a wonderful picnic at the park. There was no breeze, humid and 80 degrees. It felt really HOT, and by the end of the day we were all sweaty. We may not survive our trip to KS.
The family having a picnic at Groto Park.

Trying to feed the geese our left-over bread.

This is the big otter at the park...of course we had to climb up to take a picture.

K-baby and K-girl walking the spider web path at the nature center. They had little stations to learn about different animals. At each station they would stamp your passport and give you another part of a spider craft to make. At the end we had some homemade local honey on crackers for a prize. It was wonderful!!

K-man caught a male monarch. You can see the little sticker that they tag it with right by his finger.

This is the female monarch that K-sis caught and K-girl carried in the net. :)

K-girl's butterfly snack.

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