Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian

Well maybe not, but I would have plenty of veggies to eat if I really decided to. We have been busy stocking up on veggies from our CSA share and even some free corn we got.
A few weeks ago Shawn's parents came for a quick visit and I put Bruce to work picking beans. I was glad he came because he picked a ton of beans for me and I'm sure we will be enjoying them all winter long.
Bruce (Shawn's dad), Kolsen and I picked 80 pounds of green beans at Bluebird gardens a couple of weeks ago.

These are my frozen green beans. Yvette bought a freezer saver for her apples and let me borrow it for my veggies. I definitely think this appliance will be on my Christmas list.

I canned 15 quart jars of green beans. This was my first time ever using a pressure cooker.

Canning isn't hard, but it is time consuming and has a definite learning curve. I bought a huge pressure cooking pot at Fleet Farm, only to discover it won't work on my stove. My new pot was too tall and you can't use them on a glass top stove. Since Shawn won't buy me a new gas stove to can stuff on, I have to can using our gas grill. On the plus side, this frees up my stove for blanching my veggie to freeze and it doesn't heat up our house.
Did you now that it takes 30-60 minutes to heat up a pressure cooker and then you have to cook the veggies for around an hour and THEN you have to let it cool off for 30-45 minutes. Did I mention canning was time consuming???

This is 19 dozen ears of corn....free corn :)

3 of my reasons for canning and freezing my own veggies.

Our corn shucking party, even the neighbor kids came over to help.

another picture of corn...yes those are 2 large totes

corn waiting to be frozen or canned

The final corn total: 60 pints canned corn, 10 gallon bags and 12 quart bags of frozen corn.

Last weeks CSA share (only our half)
and today is Tuesday, which means box day for our CSA and I already know we are supposed to get MORE corn. Oh boy!


  1. Wow... what a bounty! Actually... I don't think that ALL pressure cookers take that long to reach pressure -maybe just pressure canners. My 6 quart pressure cooker takes only 3 minutes to reach pressure!


  2. wonderful produce - so fresh from the farm!! and NO preservatives..... looking forward to less heat next week - maybe the tomatoes will recover from the sauna!!