Saturday, August 21, 2010

Visitors from Wisconsin

My best friend Heather came to visit all the way from WI with her two boys. It's a long ways to drive with kids (at least 8 hours), so I am grateful that she took the time to come and see us. Next time it's my turn to go that direction...4 kids...DVD player....we should be just fine. Luckily, all my kids are wonderful travelers.

We met Heather and her family right after we moved to WI. Heather was having a garage sale at her house and invited K-man and I over for a play date (hard to imagine that I only had one kid back then) and we have been great friends ever since.

Heather and K-sis working on putting vinyl on a pail.

A. and K-man riding out front.

The whole crew swimming at the lake.

After the kids spent 10 minutes gathering up toys to bring with them to the lake, I forgot to load the tote. :( But the kids were great sports and shared the one Tupperware container while trying to catch all the little blue gill that were swimming around. Who knew that blue gill LOVE cheese flavored popcorn.

the girls snuggling with their friend

Some of our stuff...You can tell we had LOTS of fun!

So, we probably wouldn't win the "best mom" award for this week, but our kids play great together and had a blast. They watched some movies, played outside, did some wii and even played some baseball with Shawn.

Heather brought her cricut cutter and some vinyl and we practiced using it in my kitchen. Now if I ever do dishes I will always think of her.

All our cards and projects...we were busy!

I can't wait until we get together again this winter sometime. It's great to have good friends and if you ever get to meet Heather you will realize that she is one in a million!!!!
I am also thankful for my wonderful husband, who after putting in a full days work, did dishes, played with kids, gave kids showers/baths and entertained the whole crew so Heather and I could play. He even took all 6 kids on a hike and to the park to play baseball one evening. I love you honey...thanks for making our week a great one. ;)

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