Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Our Extra Fun Stuff!

Besides all the daily stuff we have been busy doing we have been hauling the kids around to some extra activities too.
K-girl at dance class. She has fun, but has decided she still likes gymnastics better.

K-sis at dance class. She loves dance class and her wonderful teacher.

Shawn bought me a blueberry bush for our anniversary this year. The company held on to our order until it was time to plant it, so when it finally arrived in the mail this week we were happy to get it planted for next year. Shawn always has plenty of help with his outdoor chores in our neighborhood.

All the kids ready for AWANA! They love AWANA and we are glad that we are all able to be involved in the Wednesday night programming. I am learning more bible verses now than I did as a kid. All of us love helping K-sis to learn her cubbies verses. God is truthful! John 3:33.

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