Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Normal

We are busy trying to get back to normal, or as close as we can get to it! After a 10 day vacation to KS we are busy doing school stuff. I had some really cute pictures of the kids from our first day of school, but one of the kids got ahold of the camera and deleted them. I do have some pictures from our first day of co-op so I'm sharing those instead.

This year the to big K kids are going to the school of choice co-op on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. They were pretty excited to have their own school supplies and backpacks to take with them. Of course everyone had to have their own backpacks for the school pictures even though they didn't need one.

All the K-kids ready for co-op.

K-man--it's hard to believe that he is already in 2nd grade.

K-girl -- my big kindergarten girl this year!

K-sis -- What am I going to do with this girl for 2 more years of preschool?

K-baby-- following the leader...hopefully she will be happy to not start school stuff until next year! She does love markers though.

K-man and K-girl outside Adams School for co-op.

The kids have had a fantastic time in co-op so far this year. They love learning about animals and indians so far! I love this co-op setting because they are in mulit-level groups and get to interact with kids of all ages and abilities. This year to co-op has about 27 kids ranging from K-6th grade and 2 wonderful teachers. K-man and K-girl are only gone for 2 hours so this give K-baby the perfect time to nap and some quality time for K-sis and mom to do some special preschool activities.

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